Well tomorrow is the day that the new search begins. My prayers along with everyone else’s that has been following this case from the beginning are with Tim Miller, Leonard Padilla and all the other volunteers that are going out beginning in the morning to look for 2 year old Caylee Anthony.

Caylee has been missing since mid June and wasn’t reported missing July 15th when her grandmother, Cindy Anthony made the famous 911 call reporting it. Hr mother, Casey Anthony, 22, is being held in the Orange County Jail on first degree murder charges along with several other charges to follow. Casey is being held without bond this time.

Recently a 30 page document was sent from the defense team making a plea for the prosecutors not to seek the death penalty in Casey’s case. The argument was because she was too young and she doesn’t have a prior criminal record. I was reading articles online this morning and I honestly got sick over something that I never noticed before. The articles I read about the documents sent from the defense team making this plea showed a picture of Casey Anthony in tears, crying her eyes out. OK sure she was crying and along with the story written it was the perfect picture to make her look like the grieving mother that lost her little girl and as the mother being falsely accused of killing her daughter.

Now the average person would look at this picture and think WOW she is really upset over this but what the article didn’t say was this picture of Casey Anthony crying was taken when she found out she was not going to get out of jail on bond after the first time she was arrested. Those tears had nothing to do with her worrying about her daughter. Her very words ring into my head when she was in jail and she called home and was talking to her friend. She was crying telling Casey that she would just die if anything happened to Caylee. Casey’s response was that it was a waste of her time calling them. She even made the remark during that call that all of them were only worried about Caylee and not her. Suddenly she changed what she was saying when she remembered that her call was being recorded so she quickly said she was worried too. It was so obvious that she didn’t mean that.

I can’t believe there was only two times she publicly cried and that was just when she knew she was going to be in jail. If Caylee was my daughter I would be in tears all the time until she was found. I wouldn’t sleep or rest either. Hell she isn’t even my daughter and I have never met her and I don’t sleep now worrying about where this child is. I know several mothers out there that feel the same way as I do.

Let’s hope that they will find little Caylee this weekend. Tim Miller says everything is going extremely well. They have 250 Team Leaders and more than 3000 volunteers from 30 different states. Gary Peterson, second in command of the Equusearch Group of Texas says, “This is the largest search we have ever conducted, it is very exciting.”

Leonard Padilla, the California Bounty Hunter that originally bailed Casey Anthony out of jail, will be participating in the search along with Tim Miller. He said, “I believe that we will find Caylee by Monday.”

I will be staying tune to the news this weekend and crossing my fingers and saying my prayers that finally we get some good “breaking news” in this case and let that be that little Caylee has been found so she can finally be laid to rest. God Bless you Caylee. Hopefully you will be found soon.

Jan Barrett

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