It is ironic that a UK based news organization, The Daily Mail are the people that talk about Caylee. For the most part we in the US are fed up with the story. HLN’s Nancy Grace gave us wall to wall coverage in prime time every night for months. But that, I suppose is what brought in the TV site

There are few people other than the jury that do not think the most likely killer of Caylee was her mother Casey Anthony. The justice system wended its often strange course, and Casey walked away free. A slap on the wrist, a year of probation, and then complete freedom.

Some might say she got away with murder. I cannot say that as I was not present at the time. But I was speechless at the Jury decision.

During the trial of Casey, there was an attempt to paint her parents George and Cindy Anthony as the bad people. Maybe they are bad people, but I doubt they had any hand in the death of their grandchild. George and Cindy are far from perfect. Personally I would not invite either of them into my house, however my opinion does not matter. Only the truth matters.

After the bones of Caylee were discovered, not a mile away from George and Cindy’s house, some people erected a small but important shine to the little girl.


I find it strange that the grandparents would not want to be more active. Hell it is not like they are busy working.

You can read the whole story here.

Simon Barrett

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