Caylee Anthony has been missing since mid June and her mother, Casey Anthony has been named as the “person of interest” in Caylee’s disappearance. Getting out on bail has become a very big problem for Casey’s family since protesters are angered at her release under these circumstances.

Casey has done nothing but lie to authorities from day one in this case sending the police and the public on wild goose chases looking for Caylee. No one believes any of her stories anymore and with the evidence the police have against her it seems that it is more than likely that this adorable little girl is no longer alive.

However Caylee’s grandparents are either in denial or they truly believe their daughter when she tells them that Caylee was kidnapped or that she gave her own daughter away. They keep insisting that their granddaughter is alive and are demanding that someone find her. I don’t know but it seems to me that if they honestly thought this that they would be spending more time personally out looking for Caylee instead of expecting everyone else doing it for them. At this point it looks like the Anthony’s are the only ones saying that this child is still alive.

The family has held prayer vigil’s outside their home every week for weeks now until last week they decided to cancel because they feared for their safety on account of the protesters planted outside their home. Sunday they decided to have one again and basically it went on without any major problems.

Now they have decided to take the problem to the Orange County Commissioners where they had a meeting to discuss the increasingly violent protests that goes on every night in front of their home. After the meeting the decision was made to no longer have the weekly prayer vigil outside their home. Their attorney, Mark NeJame said it was a difficult decision for them to make but they feel they not only need to protect themselves but they also need to think about their neighbors too. (I say NOW they are considering their neighbors feelings?)

“Ended up attracting some miscreants and criminals who are some of the people who are showing up,” said NeJame. “I won’t dignify them by calling them protesters. They were agitators and unfortunately and sadly, they just thought it was best for them and their community not to do them at home anymore.”

So as of this Sunday the vigils will be moved to a church instead.

The commissioners said that the sheriff’s office should be able to pay for any law enforcement officers that are needed here. Sure let the taxpayers foot the bill to protect the Anthony’s for something that they could have easily avoided by leaving their daughter in jail. She wouldn’t be getting all the freedom and special attention that she gets now. Maybe had they left her in jail then George and Cindy would be able to go out themselves to look for Caylee. It sure looks to me like that is the only time they physically ever went out looking. Since Casey has been out of jail they just demand that everyone else “get off their asses and find Caylee” while they sit at home and babysit their brat.

Florida Today is reporting that the Orange County Sheriff’s office is footing the bill to keep protesters in order which is costing them nearly $4000 a week of the taxpayers money. Sheriff Kevin Beary said, “It’s costing me $3700 a week in overtime money and that equates to about $16,000 a month. Quite frankly, if we got that independent protest area, a lot of this stuff would go away.”

“We have to protect the Anthony family,” Beary said. “We have to protect the protesters rights of free speech. But somewhere down the line we need to also put that neighborhood back in a normal state of affairs and I’m hoping that in the future we can get a court remedy.” He went on to say that the seven hour shifts have been in place for about two weeks now and will continue until the courts come up with another solution.

A statement made by the Anthony’s attorney, Mark NeJame to the mayor and the commissioner really amazes me. “Let’s stand up to these miscreants, these law breakers,” NeJame said. “These people have no regard for fellow Americans and fellow citizens.”

He calls the protesters “these people” and law breakers. I could see that as him talking about the Anthony’s myself. It seems to me that they could be described just like that. They don’t care about anyone but themselves. In the beginning they wanted the publicity, but since the public is no longer buying their stories they have decided that the public is the ones that are wrong.

I admit I do not approve of the way some of the protesting is being handled. The neighbors shouldn’t be in fear for themselves. Also I do not believe their children should be used in the protesting. In my book that makes them no better than Casey.

I do think that Cindy Anthony stirs trouble on purpose just to get on camera though. Who in their right mind would go outside late at night to do gardening in the front yard when you know there are people out there with cameras with the news crews and protesters?

I wish that Caylee was found and all this chaos would end. Then what will the Anthony’s do for the spotlight in the public eye? Anyone can see that they are eating all of this publicity up, especially Casey. How will they act once no one cares about what they do 24/7? Don’t they know that the only interest people have in them is that they want to know where Caylee is?

Caylee I don’t know where you are sweetheart but all of America has fallen in love with you and we are all praying for you. May God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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