caylee.jpgI admit I am in no way, shape or form a fan of any of the Anthony’s except for Caylee herself, God bless her! When I heard about this I had to laugh. While I seriously think that George Anthony knows exactly what happened to his granddaughter, I just find it hard to believe he would have had anything to do with her death.

Of course this is only my opinion but I still think George’s so called attempted suicide was planned in order to get sympathy on him and so they could use that in the future to make excuses for his testimony to the Grand Jury. WBDO claims they can prove that members of Casey’s defense team did in fact approach the Daytona Beach Hotel, which is where George was when he supposedly tried to commit suicide. So does this mean that Baez is going to try to say George was involved in Caylee’s murder?

Personally I think Baez is the one that needs help. The man seems as though he is at his wits end and is desperate to find someone that will take the fall for his client. As I see it since George has went so many years being told how to live and what he can and can’t do by his wife and apparently his daughter as well, they could probably convince him that the only way they can save their brat would be for him to confess to murdering his own grandchild.

Another hearing was held yesterday dealing with a motion filed by Baez requesting that the judge seal a phone conversation he had with inmate Robin Lunceford. He claims he didn’t know the conversation was being recorded and never gave permission for it. Well he wasn’t Lunceford’s attorney and he was having a phone conversation with an inmate so he should have automatically known that it was being recorded. Why wouldn’t it have been since that is public knowledge?

I honestly can’t believe that the state of Florida would ever have issued Jose Baez a license to practice law. He gives all the other attorneys practicing law there a bad name.

Judge Perry has ordered that the taped recording be handed over to him so that he will be able to privately review the recording himself. There are claims that the tape has information that Maya Derkovik falsified her story about Casey telling her that she used chloroform to knock out Caylee and that the inmate told Baez that she and another prisoner conspired to lie about Casey Anthony just to help them get a break on their own cases. It is unknown whether or not Baez said anything incriminating on the tape. Could that be why he is so desperate to keep this tape from going public?

I think the wannabe dream team has something to worry about especially since last weeks pre-trial hearing when they had Cindy Anthony put on the stand. Why this woman has not been arrested for perjury is beyond me. Everyone one of them have said things under oath only to contradict their own selves, later under oath. I always thought lying under oath was against the law. I guess Florida has special circumstances though. I would love to be the one responsible for handing out warrants to arrest someone. If I was, George, Cindy and Lee would be in the same cell as Casey is and they would all four be forced to face each other 24/7. They should be forced to be together all the time in one tiny cell. Someone would be yelling some sort of confession if for no other reason but just to get out of there.

Poor little Caylee is looking down probably frowning at her family. I can just imagine how disappointed she is with them but that innocent little girl no doubt loved her family and she will probably forgive them once this is all over, but I bet she would forgive them quicker if they would just admit what happened and quit blaming it on innocent people.

Casey doesn’t know what she is missing though. The love between a mother and a child is precious. There is nothing like it. She will never have that anymore and that is so sad, but what is sadder is that little Caylee will never be able to give what love she has in her little heart to anyone here on earth anymore. She was robbed of her life and she didn’t deserve that.

Caylee, we still love you and the world waits for the day when you will be able to rest in peace, knowing the person responsible for your death will pay for it. We know you are happy playing with the other children in heaven now and no one will ever be able to hurt you again.

Jan Barrett

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