caylee1.jpgWell it looks like Roy Kronk, the meter reader that discovered Caylee Anthony’s remains on December 11, 2008, is no longer going to be accused of possibly being the one that killed little Caylee. Kronk has always denied having anything to do with the murder, he was an innocent man that happened to have discovered what remains were left of the child.

Caylee’s mother has been sitting in jail since October, 2008, while being charged with the murder of her daughter and is facing the death penalty. She is expected to finally go to trial in May 2011. Her defense team has been throwing around the thoughts that Roy Kronk could have been the one that killed Caylee and put her body in the wooded area.

Kathi Belich from WFTV in Orlando, reported that the defense team had a deadline of today to ask Judge Perry to bring the accusations they had against Kronk into the trial to be discussed in front of the jury but they didn’t do it.

According to WFTV’s legal analyst Bob Sheaffer he says the defense team was only floating balloons to see if they could shift the focus away from Casey and wanted to pass it onto Kronk but it ended up backfiring on them instead.

kronk.jpgKronk really caught hell for doing the one thing that no one else had been able to do. That was to find that precious little girl’s remains. Why should he have been forced to have to defend himself when he did nothing wrong. If everyone was treated like he was for doing the right thing, then eventually no one would come forth if they know something that could solve such a crime and who could blame them? Kronk’s attorney, David Evans says the charges against Kronk were not only false, unfair designed to deflect attention from Caylee’s mother (sorry I still can’t type her name in good conscience) but it was also a losing strategy.

Hopefully in May this case will come to an end and Caylee Marie Anthony will finally get justice. If only all the other missing children would be found. I pray that Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir, Zack Pittman (even though he is not a child) and all the others that are missing will be found soon. May God be with all of them.

Jan Barrett

Update: WKMG Channel 6 is reporting that Jose Baez is denying that the defense team is backing off from suspecting Roy Kronk. He says that their backing off  is 100% false. I guess we will just have to wait and see who is right in this matter. 

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