I have been following this case since July of 2009 and I still feel there is no doubt that the prosecutors have arrested and charged the one person responsible for the death of that precious little girl that America fell in love with, Caylee Anthony.

Her mother didn’t even bother to report the child missing until her own mother refused to wait any longer and made that infamous 911 call but the part that got national attention is that they waited 31 days before making that call. The mother (sorry I have a hard time typing out her name) claimed she was doing her own investigation looking for her daughter. She looked in night clubs, Target Department Store and even at Blockbuster’s. (She didn’t seem to be looking too hard if you ask me)

Once the mother led the police on a wild goose chase as they were trying to figure out what happened to Caylee, she was caught in a stack of lies even when it came to her employment. She claims that the babysitter took Caylee and she hadn’t seen her since she dropped her off on her way to work that morning (even though the mother didn’t even actually have a job)

After months of searching the grand jury finally handed down an indictment against Casey Anthony for first degree murder and she was arrested and held without bond even though the baby hadn’t been found and she has been sitting behind bars since then.

On December 11, 2009, an Orlando meter reader located the remains of Caylee dumped in the woods only a few blocks from where she lived with her mother and grandparents. She was stuffed inside a laundry bag that was stuffed inside a garbage bag. If that wasn’t bad enough the baby’s mouth was covered with duct tape which was wrapped around her head.

All these months later the defense is still whining trying top pin this on someone else and from the way I see it they always seem to attempt to blame someone else but when they fail they always go back to the babysitter story which only tells me they are doing their best to pin this on anyone except for the one that is guilty.

Their latest plan is to try to make it look like the man that discovered Caylee’s remains, Roy Kronk, could be a suspect himself all because his ex-wife claims that Kronk once tied her up with duct tape. OK I have to admit I guess that could be possible so I will give her the benefit of the doubt here for a second. My problem with this theory though is if this was the case and she is doing this as a concerned citizen doing her duty as an American, how come she didn’t come forth with this information the minute the story broke about Kronk finding the child’s remains and the duct tape was found on her. Did Jill Kerley, who lives in Tennessee, suddenly remember this news?  Well the prosecutors will have their chance to question this woman who was only married to Kronk for 4 months when she will be deposed on February 25.

In other news in this case we hear that the man that stood in front of the judge and stated, “There is substantial evidence… that the body or the remains of Caylee Anthony were placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up in the Orange County correctional facility… And that proves her innocence” has decided to step down from the case because he is having to deal with disciplinary actions by the California Bar association, but he claims he regrets leaving but he feels Casey is in good hands. Yeah I am sure she is. Who wouldn’t want to be represented by a wanna be dream team that makes mistakes after mistakes in handling this case only to make fools out of themselves.

According to WFTV anchor Vanessa Echols the defense team is also losing their public relations expert Marti McKenzie. Apparently she is quitting the team but she didn’t give any reason for her decision to leave. Makes me wonder, who is next in line to leave.

Today new documents have been released that has been held as evidence in this case. New photos were included of little Caylee while wearing the t-shirt with the words “big trouble comes in small packages”. WFTV’s Kathi Belich says it is the same kind of shirt found at the scene where the remains were found which happens to be the same shirt the investigators think Caylee was wearing the day she disappeared.

There were documents containing WFTV’s discovery of ‘rare, industrial type tape’ found on a Caylee poster that the Anthony’s had put up. Tape similar to that was found with the baby’s remains.

In the documents released today there are pictures of evidence, a car seat, and a syringe. There was 3 CD’s released that have photos of a Gatorade bottle, syringe, brown liquid, toilet paper and a baby doll that they believe could have been Caylee’s.

I found a list of the documents that were released today at cfnews13.com.

Perhaps one day little Caylee will get justice for what has happened to her. I never knew this little girl but after covering this case I felt I had known her since she was born, so Caylee I know you are looking down at us right now. My prayers are that you get your justice so that you may rest in peace. I for one will never forget you and I will continue keeping up with the progress of this case until you get what is rightfully yours. God bless you!

Jan Barrett

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