Well I can say one thing about all of this is if I was ever in need of an attorney and my life was depending on his ability to win my case, I most definitely would not want Jose Baez. I have to ask what kind of lawyer does not know jailhouse rules. I mean, I have never been in jail before but even I know that phone calls made by inmates are recorded unless it is to their own attorney. It doesn’t mean to any attorney, it would be to their own attorney representing them.

What is Bozo thinking of by trying to make the judge, the prosecutors, and the public that he did not know this call he received from the inmate Robin Lunceford was being recorded? He insists that he has no recollection of a recorded message after Linda Drane Burdick stated that every call made from the jail starts out with it when an inmate makes a call. She says the recording states that the call is a “prepaid collect call” from a state inmate and that the call “is subject to recording and monitoring.”

Baez claims he doesn’t know if his assistant heard that recording or not but the second call his office received was transferred to his assistant’s cell phone and then to his cell phone.

“Regardless of the state of Mr. Baez’s faulty recollection it is clear that the call was not an unlawfully intercepted communication under [Florida statutes],” Burdick argues. “It takes little imagination to envision that calls being received from a prisoner negating any reasonable expectation of privacy Baez may believe he had in the call.”

Burdick went on the argue that the conversation recorded is not work product, saying, in part that Baez and his assistant knew – or they should have known – that such a call could be overheard by prison officials.

If Baez was a competent attorney he would know these things. What is he doing, taking his internship of learning how to become a real attorney while taking on this case?

Why is he pushing so hard to have this call sealed since he has said that the conversation he had with Lunceford is not damaging to the defense’s case and it is more detrimental to the prosecution. He says the call involved a discussion about a conspiracy with other inmates to tell lies about his client (his poor precious Casey).He says the recorded conversations amount to illegal recordings because he never consented to being taped so that is why he is asking the court to keep it from the public. I guess Baez thinks he can make his own rules and regulations for the jail as they seem fit for him and his client.

In other news in this case, we hear that George and Cindy Anthony have won their battle in keeping their home. Brad Conway, the Anthony’s attorney, says that their home is no longer in foreclosure. He says they went into mediation and modified their loan. Conway says they were able to extend their mortgage and lower the payments. In other words I guess they managed to get the bank to let them refinance the house.

I don’t wish for anyone to lose their home but it is public knowledge that the Anthony’s received $20,000 from a mainstream media and right after that, George, Cindy, Lee, and Lee’s girlfriend Mallory went on a weekend cruise. There were photo’s of the four of them sitting out on lounge chairs getting some sun in bathing suits, I believe. They seemed to really be living the life of luxury, yet they couldn’t afford to pay their mortgage payments. I guess they thought that the public should make those payments for them since they were still grieving for their precious granddaughter. I won’t say they didn’t love Caylee, after all who couldn’t love that little girl, but I think they saw her death as an easy way to bring in the money.

Up until just recently we were seeing Cindy in public with lots of jewelry that was shining, her hair was always cut and styled, and her clothes looked new. This never looked to me like someone that had no money that they couldn’t pay their mortgage payment. Now she appears in public looking like she is so loaded as if she takes several Xanax’s herself. (Hmmm maybe she could have been Zanny the Nanny!) She sure looked spaced out when she was on the witness stand last week.

I know a lot of people that literally have nothing, that have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, and are put out on the streets because they couldn’t pay their mortgage payments. Now I see the Anthony’s being handed their home back even though it was their own fault that they didn’t make all those payments. They chose to take their son and his girlfriend on a weekend cruise instead. There really is something wrong with this picture. What is wrong with our system here in America? I honestly don’t understand it.

The worse thing about all of this is that I feel that they use the death of their granddaughter to get sympathy from the public but I hope that one day that will backfire on them. Caylee Anthony’s life was stolen from her and even though I honestly don’t think that George or Cindy done anything to harm Caylee, I do think they are guilty of helping to cover up what happened to that precious baby just to protect the one that is guilty of taking her life. The truth will come out to bite them on their, you know what, sooner or later and when it does I hope they have to pay for it dearly.

My heart aches every time I see Caylee’s picture. I know she is looking down from Heaven and wondering why they are doing this to her.  Bless her little soul. Caylee we won’t ever forget you!

Jan Barrett

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