caylee.jpgWell in the case of the mother, from Orlando Florida, charged with first degree murder of her own 2 year old daughter and she is facing the death penalty if she is found guilty, there are so many facts out that would prove that she herself done that to her precious daughter. I mean what mother would not report her child missing for 31 days before reporting it, oh and in this case she wasn’t even the one that reported it, her own mother did.

To make matters worse we could hear Casey during the 911 call begging her mother for more time before reporting it. I mean when was she planning on searching for her baby, Caylee Anthony? Casey apparently wasn’t worried about her daughter. With plenty of evidence to back the accusation that she wasn’t includes testimony from some of her friends, the video tapes that caught her in the Target shopping, even buying personal lingerie for herself. It sure looks to me like she was planning a romantic evening with someone instead of out looking for her missing daughter.

I think it should be illegal for an attorney to destroy other people’s lives when they know their client is probably guilty. My next question is why are they allowed to do this? Why are they allowed to stretch this case out so long? This case should have gone to trial by now. It has been over two years now that Caylee was last seen alive. Why are they allowed to drag this out?

Yesterday the wannabe dream team, which by the way is constantly getting smaller, deposed the man that found little Caylee’s body just down the street from the family’s home where she lived. Roy Kronk discovered the remains of this child thrown away in a garbage bag like she was yesterday’s trash. Now this man is obviously being questioned because he found the body. What is wrong with this picture?

The defense claims that area had been searched already so someone else obviously placed the body there after Casey went to jail so that would make her innocent. Where are they coming off with this theory anyway? I mean, personally I think Kronk stumbled upon the remains accidentally but how could the timing of his finding the remains prove Casey innocent?

Anyone else could have placed her little body there for Casey, if she didn’t. Who knows, it could have been George or Lee or even Cindy for that matter. Everyone can see the way Lee looks at his sister. He looks like she has him under her spell so she could get him to do anything in the world she tells him to do. (Of course that is my own opinion) So I ask again… even if the defense could prove someone else placed Caylee’s remains there after Casey went to jail that would in no way prove she didn’t do something to that baby and just get her family to help her cover up her mess like they always have done before. As George Anthony told her when she was first arrested that she was the boss. Her response was not anymore, at least not in there. To me that would state that at home Casey was the boss, they all did what she told them to do. So why would this be any different?

This is the reason I think the whole family is covering up for their little princess. I am not saying they did anything to Caylee, but I do think they all are guilty of covering it up to save Casey’s neck. And who knows, maybe it was Casey herself trying to seduce her father and brother to get them to do things for her. Maybe she used sex as a way to get them under her spell. I seriously doubt that George is guilty of any of the accusations Casey has made against him. I think it would be opposite and she has managed to change the story around to make her look like the victim. Bottom line is I don’t see how anyone could believe anything she has to say.

Now Roy Kronk did something no one else could do. He found this baby when search teams or the police could not do it and now he is being put through the ringer for doing his duty. The man could have just ignored what he saw and turned away and never mention it to anyone. But no, he did the right thing and called 911 and even now he says he would do it all over again if he had to.

His past shouldn’t have anything to do with him finding Caylee. OK although I do not condone anyone that abuses their spouse, what does his background prove that involves this case?  It certainly doesn’t make him guilty of what the wannabe dream team is trying to make Roy Kronk look guilty of.

During this deposition he maintained his story about him relieving himself when he spotted that plastic garbage bag that contained what was left of Caylee’s remains. Kronk’s attorney, David Evans made the statement, “Of anybody involved in this mess, he’s going to be the one guy who’s going to come out with his reputation intact and his dignity intact.” I think he will too.

“It’s been very difficult for me,” said Kronk. “That’s all I’ll say. There’s been some horrible things said about me. Said I was a child predator, child molester, all this other stuff and some people believe it.”  These accusations came from his ex-wives when they claimed he was abusive, threatened to kill them and even restrained them with duct tape and they claimed he shouldn’t be around young girls. OK but what does that have to do with finding Caylee’s remains? I mean no disrespect to Caylee, but at that point there was nothing he could have done to harm her even if he was guilty of any of that in his past.

Evans admitted that sure Kronk has some problems with his ex-wives and family members. But he went on saying, “There’s no secret about that. I think probably some of these people are looking for 15 minutes of fame or doing it out of malice with intent to be harmful to Roy”.

Cheney Mason stated, “Anything we’re trying to do here would be focusing on establishing reasonable doubt on various aspects of the case.” He may as well be saying they will destroy anyone’s lives that they have to, to get Casey off the hook. (That too is my own opinion)

Now everyone has to wait on Judge Perry’s decision on whether or not they can even use Kronk’s past against him. Of course the defense will think they have a major win here if they are allowed to use this against the man. I think if they do that will only make their defense look even more of a laughable defense than they already have made it to be when laughable is the last thing it should be.

Caylee Anthony’s life was taken and that is no laughable matter. They are making the death of this child more like a publicity stunt to make them famous. That is so unfair to Caylee. Who ever heard of Jose Baez before this case?

Most of this is in my own opinion but it does give reason for some thought on the case. I pray that the one that took the life of this baby will pay for it to the full extent of the law and then some. I still think they should have special wallpaper made for Casey’s jail cell, with nothing but pictures of Caylee on it with a caption on them asking what she did to deserve death. The answer to that is nothing, how can any child do anything that they would deserve to die over. Casey should be forced to see Caylee’s picture asking that constantly just to torture her. I wonder if she even has a picture of Caylee with her in jail right now anyway. Probably not, she probably would rather pictures of her pole dancing while she was supposedly out searching for her daughter.

Poor Caylee, it must break her heart to look down at how her family uses her for sympathy to free the one that took her innocent life. God bless her little soul. My prayers are still with you Caylee. May justice be finally served when this all goes to trial!

Jan Barrett

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