caylee.jpgI wanted to write something for Caylee yesterday but for some reason I just couldn’t. Yesterday this little angel would have turned 5 years old. She would be going to school and having fun playing with the other children her age. But no, poor little Caylee will never see her first day of school. She won’t be around to play with her school friends. The sad part is that she has been robbed of all this. She will never have a life on earth anymore all because someone (and I am sure we all know who that is) has taken her life in such a cruel and heartless way. Someone was apparently so jealous of a two year old because the child got more attention that a certain someone.

I will keep most of my opinion to myself here, but I know most of you know how I feel about this case. Putting all that aside though, Caylee should be alive and enjoying her life, but since she isn’t I know she is in a much better place now. God will take good care of her.

So with all that said I would like to send Caylee a belated birthday wish.

Happy Birthday Caylee Marie Anthony!!!!  We love you!

I never had the privilege of meeting this little angel yet I feel like she is a part of my own family and I want to see the person responsible for taking her life pay dearly for it.

We all know the mother is in jail charged with first degree murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony who was only two years old at the time. Caylee’s mother’s wannabe dream team has some weird tactics on how they are defending their client. The mother (sorry if I can help it I really don’t want to mention her name, she doesn’t deserve any more publicity that she already gets) is facing the death penalty if she is indeed found guilty.

The defense team has played the courts from left to right with their little games with the judges. In fact they managed to get rid of one judge, Judge Stan Strickland, which may have been their biggest mistake in the case, because Judge Strickland was way more lenient with them than the new judge is but I personally think it was only to keep them from coming back later for a mistrial.

Now we have Judge Belvin Perry. Judge Perry doesn’t put up with any of their nonsense and he sees right through their games. He is an honest man and makes fair judgments in this case.

Recently there was a motion filed by the lead attorney in this case, who btw… isn’t legally qualified to lead a capital punishment case so I still don’t understand why he is still considered the lead attorney, about a phone call he received from an inmate called Robin Lunceford. He didn’t want the phone call recording to be made public because he claimed he didn’t know the call was being recorded. Judge Berry denied his motions and ordered the call to be released. Yesterday the transcript of the call was released and you can read it here thanks to out of Orlando.

Now from what I could find out about Robin Lunceford, she apparently has done this before in several other cases causing some to question her motivations. In one case back in 2005, where a suspect was being held in jail for the murder of her foster child, a judge decided to grant the suspect bond after suggesting that the prosecutor’s office had a weak case against her. He made the decision after Lunceford , then 42 yrs old, repeatedly invoked her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination when asked questions about the case. Lunceford had told authorities that the foster mother had confessed to her in jail about killing the foster child. I guess she got cold feet and decided she didn’t want to take the stand and tell her story after all.

There were also tons of documents released on August 5, 2010 of letters sent to the psychopath, which included letters from Cindy Anthony. You can go here to find the letters. Apparently Cindy got caught mailing letters to her daughter using Bozo’s address. I guess anything from her lawyer is considered private and they aren’t suppose to open them, but it was clearly marked on at least one of the letters that she sent using Bozo’s address the words “legal mail do not open” written on the envelope. I would think this could be considered as mail fraud yet she openly denies it in one of her letters to her daughter by saying, “They must think I’m really stupid. Why would I send you a card and put another address on it?”

Well duh! Cindy, by using the attorney’s address you thought it would go through without the jailhouse opening it so it would be a private letter between you and your psychopath daughter but you got busted and it didn’t work. You knew exactly what you were doing. I don’t know why she keeps getting away with breaking the law, she certainly is not royalty and it is so obvious that she is breaking the law. She should be in jail along with her daughter.

I have to wonder if anyone in this family actually remembered Caylee’s birthday without someone else reminding them or by seeing an article online about it being Caylee’s 5th birthday. This is so sad and it breaks my heart when I think about her own family has used her death as a ticket to making money so they would never have to work again. So sad! God bless this little girl that has captured all of our heart. We love you Caylee.

Jan Barrett

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