caylee.jpgThis morning when I got my Google Alert on the Caylee Anthony murder case, I sat back and smiled. Was I surprised? No way! In fact I do believe about 2 weeks ago we discussed this on our Sunday radio show. We predicted that Andrea Lyon would drop out but our reasons are quite different from Bozo’s.

Casey Anthony is being held on charges of first degree murder with the death penalty on the table. The victim was Casey’s very own flesh and blood, a 2 year old baby girl that Casey actually gave birth to, Caylee Anthony. Jose Baez claims to be the lead attorney for Casey but is he even qualified to be the lead attorney in a capital offense case? I don’t think so! In fact I thought that was why Andrea Lyon was brought in on the case but Jose still called the shots.

The next thing we hear is that Cheney Mason was brought in. It doesn’t seem as if he has helped the case at all. I mean after all it was his pushing that ended up getting Judge Stan Strickland to step down by making accusations that were ridiculous. The funny part though is I don’t think any of the defense team expected what they were going to get in place of Strickland. They all looked like happy campers when they found out their plan worked to get rid of Strickland. The first time they appeared in court with the new judge, Belvin Perry, court was not in session for very long before we could see that annoying smirk on Bozo’s face disappear. Even Casey’s flirtatious looks were wiped off of her face. In fact she sat there with that blunt look on her face instead. It was apparent that they were not so happy with the new judge that was brought in to take over Strickland’s seat on the bench.

Now after facing Judge Perry a few times on motions to try and get the death penalty dropped, we predicted that Andrea Lyon would drop the case because she didn’t want to ruin her “perfect” record and it seems we were right except Baez is making it seem like it was for financial issues that Lyon was having. Personally I think that is a load of bull but I could never prove that. Bozo claims that Lyon does believe in Casey but she has personally made financial sacrifices, including out of pocket travel money. (Well duh! Did she really think the taxpayers would want to pay for that?)  Bozo says Lyon needs to focus on her responsibilities at the DePaul law school Center for Justice.

The bottom line here is that in my opinion I am sure that she got worried that she wasn’t going to get the death penalty dropped so she decided to back out. She probably wasn’t willing to gamble on Casey being found innocent. Hopefully we all will witness the day when little Caylee Marie Anthony will get the justice she deserves by her mother being found guilty for Caylee’s murder. That baby didn’t deserve to have her life ripped away from her. She will never have the chance to wear makeup, she will never have the chance to date boys, or graduate from high school or go to her senior prom. She will never be able to get married and have a family all of her own. All this was taken from her when she lost her life.

It is so sad and what makes it even sadder is that the grandparents that seemed to love Caylee are making up lies to cover up for the very person who is probably the one responsible for taking Caylee away from them. What a sad situation this is!

May you soon get the justice you deserve Caylee, and then maybe you can rest in peace. The world loves you Caylee and we will never forget you.

Jan Barrett

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