caylee.jpgYesterday I sat faithfully in front of my computer even though I was sick just to watch the hearing in the Casey Anthony murder case. While waiting for the video to start after buffering a dozen times I could finally hear was going on.

It never ceases to amaze me at how Cindy Anthony can lie under oath. I personally caught two or three of them for sure. I honestly believe she must have been stuffed with nerve pills to have been as calm as she was. I watched her eyes while she was on the stand and I couldn’t see any eye contact with Casey unless it was while the cameras were looking elsewhere.

Now I was watching the hearing on CNN’s website and it sure looked to me like when brother Lee Anthony’s eyes met with his sister’s he moved his lips clearly telling her he loved her. Suddenly the motionless Casey Anthony broke out crying and was comforted by her attorney, Bozo, I mean Jose Baez. She never shed a tear or even made any sort of expression while her mother was on the stand. I found that to be a bit odd.

OK now while on the stand Cindy Anthony admitted she had only making the 911 call about the car to try to get her daughter to tell her more about where Caylee was. Yesterday Judge Belvin Perry ruled that indeed Cindy Anthony had used the call as a ploy to get Casey to talk. Now I could be wrong but wouldn’t that be considered as making a false report to the 911 operator. If so she should be charged for that too. Cindy also stated under oath that she still thinks Caylee is alive somewhere.

When Lee Anthony was called to the stand he told the court that he tried to get more information out of his sister while their frantic mother yelled at her.

“She was very angry,” he said. Her first reaction was she had a clenched fist and hit the bed my sister was sitting on and said “What did you do? We could have found her 31 days ago.”

My reaction to that statement would be, why would Cindy ask her daughter that if she truly believed what she has been trying to sell the LE and the press, that Casey was a good mother and deserved to get the next “Mother of the Year” reward. Anyone would think if she was that good a mother, her own mother wouldn’t be yelling at her asking her what did she do when talking about her missing child. To hear Cindy talk Casey is the ideal mother that did no wrong. (I sincerely doubt that)

All in all I find that Casey’s wannabe dream team made another big mistake by making this request to throw out the use of those 911 calls. I think that having Cindy Anthony and Lee Anthony testify under oath hurt their case instead of helped it. Their claim was that the 911 tapes are considered to be hearsay but Judge Perry ruled that the tapes were not being used by prosecutors to prove the facts in the case.

Just looking at Bozo’s face expressions you could see he didn’t look so happy of the outcome of yesterdays hearing. Things just weren’t going his way once again.

Casey Anthony is charged with first degree murder and the state is asking for the death penalty. She is being held in the Orange County Jailhouse and is being accused of killing her then 2 year old daughter. He trial doesn’t actually start until May 2011. Personally I think the wannabe dream team has their work cut out for them in this case, but of course from what I can see from the outside looking in, I wouldn’t want this defense team representing me. He seems to me like he is trying to throw her under the bus. All he seems to want is to make a name for himself as the attorney that represented a client on a very high profile case.

Caylee we are all still here being your voice for you, that we know you can’t do for yourself. One day you will get the justice you so rightfully deserve. May God be with you.

Jan Barrett

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