According to Fox 35 a source close to the Caylee Anthony case are claiming that ‘significant levels’ of chloroform was found in Casey Anthony’s car, mother of little Caylee.

The sources are also saying that a computer which was confiscated from the Anthony home shows that someone had done some research on chloroform looking for information about it and how it is used.  If inhaled chloroform depresses the central nervous system causing dizziness, fatigue and unconsciousness like when a doctor uses it on a patient preparing them for a simple surgery.

Today new charges were brought against Casey. Two additional charges each of uttering a forged check, petit theft and fraudulent use of personal identification. Orange County Sheriff’s office says that Casey used a friend’s checkbook to buy items at Target and Winn Dixie and to write a check for cash in July. is reporting this afternoon that late Wednesday afternoon a cadaver dog alerted searchers on an area where they were searching for Caylee just south of the Orlando Airport. It is near the same place that they have been searching looking for her body.

Investigators were called out to the area but they told reporters that they didn’t think it was likely to have anything to do with Caylee’s case but they called the investigators out there anyway just to be sure.

Eyewitness news is reporting that one of Orlando’s most prominent defense attorney’s, Mark Nejame has been called in about the case but he hasn’t decided it he will take the case or not. It was reported that George and Cindy Anthony met with Nejame at his office late this afternoon. Now I might not be the smartest person in the world but that sounds to me like someone is getting a little nervous.

Nejame claims that the Anthony’s only contacted him for advice and was not asking him to represent them or Casey. He said they only questioned him about the case related to Caylee and not anything about Casey. He wouldn’t disclose what advice he gave them.

“To be going through the loss of their granddaughter, their daughter in jail, it’s a lot. And then, nobody’s trained for this sort of thing, nobody’s trained. They’re regular, hard-working, good people and now their daughter in jail, their granddaughter missing, the media’s at their door every minute,” He told Eye witness news after his meeting with the Anthony’s.

The president of the Central Florida Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys, Richard Hornsby said, “If Mark would take over the Anthony case, it would be a great benefit from both the media and legal standpoint, because you know the right decision would be made,” said Hornsby.

Hornsby says that he believes that the Anthony case is so big now that it takes more than just one attorney to handle it. “If Mark’s firm were to be taking over, it would be like a team as opposed to a sole practitioner, which quite frankly this case needs,” he said.

Tim Miller was considering pulling out and calling off the searches Wednesday. Last night on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show he avoided saying directly that the Anthony’s were not cooperating with them in their search. This morning he told reporters that they have not been cooperating with him. They only had 30 volunteers show up this morning and Miller thinks it is because people are losing faith in the Anthony family. He said in fact he also is losing his faith in them and that is why he is considering pulling out. He says he is upset that Cindy Anthony keeps there is evidence that Caylee is alive and was given to a friend. If that is the case he wonders why she called and asked for his help and asked for his help. “If that is the truth, that she gave this child to a family to take care of Caylee, I’m upset because we have spent $28,000 for this case and we’re getting calls from all over the country that want our service that has a legitimate missing child,” he said to Eyewitness News.

Last night on the Nancy Grace Show, Bounty Hunter Leonard Padilla said, “When the FBI, who has got some of the finest labs in the world, comes back with their DNA, it’s going to shock the world over something that Lee, Casey and Cindy have known since Wednesday when they released their preliminary findings. And also the dumpster a mile and a quarter down from the boyfriend Tony’s house is going to play a big part in this.”

Padilla now believes that little Caylee is dead but thinks maybe it was due to an accident. He also thinks Cindy Anthony is in denial.

The more I hear about this story the more I think this is all a huge cover-up by the whole Anthony family. I know a lot of people out there feel sorry for the Anthony’s. I once did myself, but how can one honestly feel sorry for someone that screams to the public to get their asses out there and find her granddaughter. Cindy was going out searching after Casey was sent back to jail but how come she didn’t go out when Casey was at home?

Another thing that really bugs me is a statement Cindy Anthony said on the cameras when she was asked had she discussed with Casey after she got home about where Caylee might be. She stated that she hadn’t asked her daughter anything because she did not want to upset her. Duh! I thought that before Casey was bailed out that they all said they needed her out of jail so she could help them find Caylee. Now this is my opinion but I think they wanted her out of jail so they could all sit down and get their stories straight about what to tell the cops.

One thing that sticks in my head though was when Padilla said that Lee, Casey and Cindy were told something that would shock the world, how come he didn’t mention George’s name? Is he not included in this now? Cindy Anthony seems to make sure she is caught in front of the cameras again now that Casey is back in jail. She has lied over and over to the media and now she wonders why they think of her as they do. Cindy lies to the police just as much as Casey does.

I do have my own theory about all of this but I am sure not everyone would agree with me. I do not think the Anthony’s actually did anything to their granddaughter to hurt her in anyway. I do however think that Casey did something. Maybe not directly but if she didn’t do it herself I think she allowed someone else to. Perhaps she was too high to care. I think once she came down enough and she realized Caylee was dead she abandoned her car, notified her father who told her he would take care of it. This could be the reason she can keep such a blank look on her face when they ask her where her daughter is. Maybe she doesn’t know. Maybe her father took care of the body, after all George Anthony is an ex police officer. Who else would know better how to hide a body or cover up evidence in a homicide case?

I am not saying this as a fact. I, like thousands of others am just trying to put the pieces to this puzzle together. If we wait for the truth to come out from the Anthony’s, I am afraid we will have a long wait.

Jan Barrett

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