Casey Anthony, mother of little Caylee Marie, is being held on charges of first degree murder of her daughter at the Orange County Jail in Orlando.

Caylee was missing for 31 days before being reported to the police and even then it wasn’t her Mother that reported it. It was Caylee’s grandmother, Cindy Anthony that made that infamous 911 call on July 15, 2008.

Casey has told lie after lie to authorities leading them on wild goose chases trying desperately to find little Caylee. She insists that she left Caylee with the Nanny and when she went to pick her up that evening after work they were gone. No apartment, no phone, no nothing was left. According to her stories it was as if Zenaida Hernandez Gonzalez just disappeared off the face of the earth. Well since all this Law Enforcement has concluded that this Nanny theory in Casey’s head is a fictitious person that does not exist.

After little Caylee’s remains were found on December 11 and later positively identified to be her she has been through the ringer with tests and examinations from both the FBI and investigators for the prosecution and from Jose Baez’s team causing the public outcry about little Caylee finally being laid to rest. All we heard was how her little bones were left in a box stored at the funeral home. It was said that Baez was holding her back in case his team needed more testing on her in the future.

Now we hear that finally the public Memorial is set for tomorrow morning at 10 am at the First Baptist Church in Orlando. Security will be tight. No bags, no purses, no back packs, no cameras and no cell phones will be allowed and everyone going inside the church must pass through a metal detector.

Well although this certainly came to no surprise to me sleazebag Jose Baez came out with an attempt to make his client seem to be the innocent mother with love in her heart for her daughter that was murdered. He announced that his client has expressed grief and disapproval over the plans for the Memorial being held for the public.

He read a statement Monday afternoon from Casey Anthony about how she feels. “I miss Caylee everyday and every minute of everyday,” Casey said in the statement. “I can’t be there for Caylee’s funeral but someday I want to visit her grave and want to tell her how much I miss her… I know they cremated her but I still don’t want the public with cameras and everyone around for Caylee’s funeral service. I can’t stop my parents from doing what they want. I truly hope it will help them.”

Casey had signed over the legal authority to plan Caylee’s funeral to her parents. “If you look at the statement, she clearly believes this is a private matter,” said Baez. “People grieve in different ways. If this is something they have to do she understands that. She loves her family very, very much. She realizes how difficult this is for everyone.”

This is the first I have heard about Caylee’s remains being cremated. Baez claims that Casey wanted Caylee buried in a casket so she could go and visit her at her gravesite but the grandparents decided to cremate her. She hasn’t even requested to watch the Memorial service on TV tomorrow. This is really a caring mother right? NOT! Give me a break!

The memorial will be broadcast live from the First Baptist Church of Orlando on Orlando Television. I am not sure yet which one though.

I say get the trial over with as soon as possible, find Casey Anthony guilty, give her life in prison with no chance whatsoever of parole and then throw away the key to her jail cell. She doesn’t deserve to ever walk free.

Don’t forget everyone to light that candle for Caylee tomorrow morning at 10 am as our memorial for her. God bless you Caylee. May you rest in peace sweetheart!

Jan Barrett

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