Saturday morning brought the start of the new teams searching for our little Caylee Anthony but ended with no luck. I say no luck in finding her that is yet there were a few hopes that ended up not being what they hoped it would be.

For instance some bones were found which were identified as dog bones near a lake. Another set of bones were found along with what they say appeared to be internal organs, which is also believed to come from an animal.

A few other items were found such as a pair of children’s underwear which was confirmed to be for a little boy. A plastic bag with shoes was found which was a size 9 for men. A rubber glove was found and a machete was found thrown in the woods and it was rusty and had apparently been there for a long time.

The last time they were in Orlando searching for Caylee this particular area was under water, so they weren’t able to search very good.

The Criminal Report talks about a beaded cross necklace that was found in the woods, saying he was asked not to share the information with the press. Apparently it got leaked to the press by another Blogger on another site and got twisted into several versions.

He explains that yes a cross was found hanging on a tree branch but not on Saturday. It was found when they were searching the first time. This information was not leaked out because it wasn’t clear if it had any significance with the case or not. It wasn’t a store bought necklace. It was a craft item that someone made out of plastic and beads. The reason the find was so interesting is because Leonard Padilla stated that the female working for him that stayed with Casey when she was out on bond had seen jewelry identical to the beads that Casey had made. They took photos of the cross but that is all they have of it now. The original cross was left on the branch but shortly after that it disappeared.

Now it seems as though a second cross was found yesterday but it isn’t clear if it was a jewelry item or a marker. Before the day was over though the police found that it was a marker placed by the family of a murder victim so it proved to be unrelated to this case.

It is being reported that some of the volunteers that showed up for the search are not really there for the search to find Caylee but they are there so they can send first hand messages on the internet about what has been found during the search. This only complicates things for the investigators so some of these people have been banned from joining in on the search teams.

Equusearch is desperate for honest volunteers that truly want to find Caylee so anyone that is serious about helping should report to the command center and sign up in Orlando. It is located at the SE corner of Judge and Shadowridge. They desperately are in need of supplies too for the volunteers.

We will see hopefully if Sunday’s search will be more successful in the search. We are hoping and praying that they will find little Caylee so this can all be put to closure.

Meanwhile the owner of a website that is completely devoted to Caylee says that Cindy Anthony has threatened to ‘kick her ass.’ Sunny Welker of Palm Coast told the Flagler county Sheriff’s office that Cindy Anthony called on October 29th complaining about the website she has that can be found at  She signed a sworn statement stating that Anthony had a beef with the content of the site saying it was impeding efforts to find ‘an alive Caylee’ and the website implied that Caylee is dead.

The website is so sad. I went to it and looked for myself. It has a photo slideshow of Caylee with streaming text designed to seem like it is Caylee talking to her mother Casey from heaven.

The statement says Cindy Anthony yelled at Welker that if only she had the time she would kick her ass. No charges have been placed against Anthony though.

I guess everyone is on edge wanting this to end. I know I am. I just want something to happen and those responsible to pay for what they have done. Caylee Anthony didn’t ask for this and she doesn’t deserve this. Let’s all keep praying that this will end soon for her. May God Bless you Caylee, and we all love you honey.

Jan Barrett

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