In a strange turn of emotions from the ever so cold and callous tot mom Casey Anthony.  She has made a confession to the Pastor of the Orlando, Florida Eastside Baptist Church, Rev. Shane Stutzman.

Seems Caylee’s dear mom has had a change of heart regarding her feelings towards the little snot head as she normally put it to describe her daughter.  She has confided in the Pastor Stutzman that she is ” sad and misses Caylee so very much.” Pastor Stutzman goes on to describe her and her transformation since her incarceration.  She has gone through a gamut of emotions the good Pastor says.  She has experienced anger, fear, and depression. Was she angry the body of her daughter  was discovered or was it anger that no one moved it for her.  She then got fearful, for what?  The punishment for  the crime of murder.  Then she became depressed.  Is it because of  the reality of what her future is going to be like?

The good Pastor also went on to say that Casey has been finding her relationship with God. That she is also praying and reading her bible in her cell.  I’d imagine thats right about where she should be during all of this.  On her knees begging the good Lord for some sort of mercy.  Seems to me she should be reading the bible and applying it to her confession to the authorities regarding the murder of her daughter.  The good Pastor goes on to say that he can’t tell if she has gained or lost any weight while incarcerated.  The big blue baggy jail issued uniform  makes it hard to tell.  Poor Casey, no Target bras or undies to keep her styling this new year.

According to Pastor Stutzman she says “I am finding my faith in God again”.  I think its a little late for that.  Maybe she should of found her faith before she killed her child.  Then she may not have to worry about what the Almighty has to think or say about her so much.  Pastor Stutzman only gets to visit her once a month and he doesn’t talk about the tragedy that befell sweet Caylee.  He says that is up to her and her attorney to discuss.  Knowing that everyone has a past he goes in concentrating on the present and the future.  He says “Casey is beginning to understand her relationship with God.”  I don’t think she is in a relationship with the same God as many other people are.  Last time I looked in the bible it was a no no to kill and a no no to harm a child.  Maybe I am wrong. I cant quote it.  I hope that the heaven she is begging to enter into isn’t the same one everyone else is in.  I sure don’t want to see her there.   He goes to end the interview with National Enquirer magazine saying “Many people find God in prison.  Casey is beginning to understand her relationship with God.  She will need that whatever happens”  I suppose she will need to understand where she stands with God before she enters into her life of solitude inside a Florida State Penitentiary.

National Enquirer

January 5, 2009

Vol.84, No.1   

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