Well it seems that Casey Anthony’s defense team is steadily growing. One would think this woman was a millionaire in order to pay for all these attorneys. Although they all claim to be doing this pro-bono, one would also have to assume these attorney’s are already rich if they are in fact working pro-bono. I mean don’t they have bills to pay too? We all know defending Casey Anthony must be a full time job and since most of the team came in from out of state, they have to be staying somewhere in Orlando while on the case, at least while they are in town. How do they have time for other clients anyway? Even if they fly back and forth to be there when they have a hearing to attend to it would be expensive since Baez loves appearing in court so much with his motions.

This week the newest member, Andrea Lyon filed all the paperwork required asking permission to be allowed to officially join the team. She included a copy of her bar certificate from Michigan. She says her first and utmost important task would be to prove that the evidence against Casey doesn’t deserve the death penalty which is what the state is asking for.

Dominic Casey is the private investigator that searched the area where little Caylee Anthony’s remains were found in December, about a month before she was found. Yes George I DID say remains, because unfortunately that was all that was left of this adorable child after someone (and we all know who) threw her away like she was nothing but trash. Apparently last week a court order was signed by the judge ordering him to turn over his cell phone records but he claims he has not yet received the request. He has agreed to do so but he is refusing to turn over all of them despite the court order. He says any records that are related to his work with Anthony or her attorney is confidential and he will not release them.

Casey has filed a complaint against Casey Anthony’s attorney, Jose Baez, with the Florida Bar Association. The private investigator is claiming that Baez instructed him not to call 911 if he discovered the body of the baby.

In another matter can you imagine paying $500 for someone’s high school yearbook? Well OK maybe if you have lots of spare money to invest it might be worth it for someone famous, like the Queen of England or The President of the United States, or even for someone Britney Spears. But would you pay that much for a yearbook of Casey Anthony’s? According to the Orlando Sentinel there have been reports that a 2003 Colonial High School Yearbook with photos of Casey was auctioned off on Ebay and was sold for a whopping $499 plus shipping and insurance. Now they claim the book didn’t actually belong to her but it had her picture in it.

These Anthony’s just can’t seem to stay out of trouble, can they? They are always so quick to blame someone else for everything they do. Well now the Orange County Investigators have something new to check out after a complaint was filed by two women saying that they were chased by George and Cindy Anthony in George’s SUV after they caught Cindy removing a cross from the memorial site made for Caylee which has been cleared out but no one seems to want to take the credit for it.

Lois Peter along with her friend Denise Hill and Lois’s 13 year old granddaughter Dakota, had gone to the site and they left a cross only to catch Cindy removing it later with George. When they were spotted spying on them the Anthony’s went after them in a high speed chase. Apparently the chase also involved Dennis Milstead and his wife in their vehicle.

Peter said the Mistead’s were in one truck and the Anthony’s were in theirs and at one point when they pulled into a cul-de-sac the Anthony’s and the Misltead’s tried blocking them in. Peter said that they spotted a state trooper at Narcoossee Road and Lee Vista Boulevard but when the Anthony’s seen him they took off out of sight.

Peter said they had feared for their lives therefore that is why they have filed a complaint Thursday.

One report I saw claimed that when asked about the incident the Anthony’s attorney claimed he knew nothing about any of this, and yet on another report his story was totally opposite from the one Peter reported. The Anthony’s are claiming they were the ones that were being chased and he gave full details of what happened according to them.

Sorry Conway, but I don’t buy their story. The Anthony’s think they are the law and they can do what they want. Hell even the state trooper told Peter that the Anthony’s have been through enough. If that is so then they should be keeping their own noses clean To steal crosses that was meant to be for the memory of Caylee is shameful especially since it is the grandparents of the child that is doing it. You’d think they would be proud that her memory will live on, but instead they seem to want to just wipe her memory from everyone’s lives including their own.

That won’t happen either. This little girl’s memory will be alive until justice has been served for her and then maybe she will be able to rest in peace. America will make sure of that. America or maybe I should say the world will be the voice for her to make sure she gets that justice. This innocent child deserves the chance to rest in peace. It wasn’t her fault her life on earth was ripped away from her. She didn’t have the chance to grow up and make her own choices in life. So yes we will be here to defend little Caylee. We care and we love this child. May God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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