As everyone knows, little 2 year old Caylee Marie Anthony was reported missing July 15th, 2008. Her grandmother, Cindy Anthony called 911 to report her. Now normally one would say she did the right thing there but the part about it that the mother, Casey Anthony, didn’t bother calling anyone to report it for 31 days. When Cindy was on the phone with the 911 operator you can hear Casey asking her mother for one more day. Casey got on the phone and admitted to the operator that her daughter had been missing for 31 days and when asked how come she didn’t call in before now, Casey told her she was doing her own investigation. She told the operator that the Nanny took Caylee. She named the Nanny as Zenaida Hernandez Gonzalez.

OK Well one thing after another led the police to realize that evidently this so called Nanny that Casey keeps speaking of doesn’t even exist. Casey lied to investigators over and over about things involved in the investigation leading them to eventually arrest Casey. Casey was released on bond thanks to the California Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla. He was held to believe that if he bailed her out she would help lead him to her daughter only to soon be given the boot once he had her out. The minute he refused to listen to her story about the Nanny taking Caylee she told him to get out and refused to talk to him.

The story goes on and on with evidence adding up like chloroform in the trunk of Casey’s car, a large stain in the trunk of the same car not to mention the horrible odor coming from the car which even Cindy Anthony herself claims smelled like there had been a dead body in the damn car, which she later realized she could be hurting her daughter so she changed that story a few times herself. George Anthony, Caylee’s grandfather even told investigators that the smell is one you can never forget. Lee Anthony’ Casey’s brother, also talked to the investigators about the odor. The funny part is now all of them are saying it was other things like rotting pizza or as Casey tried saying, two dead squirrels crawled up under her car. That statement really made me laugh because if they were dead how could they crawl to begin with.

Tons of evidence was coming in and for everyone that was made public the Anthony’s had a convenient excuse for. Cindy Anthony even took a pair of Casey’s pants out of the car saying she washed them because they smelled like the bad odor that came from the car. Now come on now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you shouldn’t take evidence and destroy it even if it is to protect your own daughter. Why hasn’t Cindy been arrested for obstruction of justice? Good question, one that I would love to know the answer to.

In mid October, a Florida Grand Jury handed down an indictment on Casey for first degree murder. She was picked up and put back in jail, held without bail and has been there since. The Anthony’s are determined to defend their daughter claiming they believe in her and they know she could not have killed her daughter. They held onto their story that little Caylee was alive and went on several nationwide TV shows saying she was alive and then instead of making public pleas to any such kidnappers, they publicly defended their daughter saying she is innocent. They have spent thousands of dollars following so called leads they got from their so called tip lines which always turned up empty. They just refused to admit it could even be possible that Caylee was no long alive. This I can understand. As a grandparent myself I can definitely relate to not wanting to give up hope.

On December 11th 2008 a meter reader called in a report to 911 saying he found what appeared to be a child’s skull. Investigators swarmed the area, CSI and FBI checked the area out and went to work gathering even more evidence. It turned out that sadly, yes it was the remains of little Caylee.

We just recently learned from these documents Wednesday, Feb.17th that once Casey got this news she nearly had a nervous breakdown. She hyperventilated and asked for medication. Now I found this odd since she didn’t even bat an eye at the other times reports came in of possibly finding Caylee’s body.

These new documents that were released Wednesday reveal that there was a tense relationship between Casey and her parents. A friend of Casey’s, Annie Downing told investigators that Casey once told her that her mother was a horrible person that tried to control her life. Downing also said that Casey was jealous of her mother’s relationship with Caylee and that Cindy was always trying to play the role of Caylee’s mother.

In these court documents it shows us that when George and Cindy Anthony stayed at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando Grande Lakes from December 11 to December 14 after Caylee’s remains were found, it seems that it was none other than ABC that paid that bill in hopes of getting an interview with the Anthony’s. They claim they were only being competitive. ABC producer Kaitlyn Folmer made the arrangements with the Anthony’s then spokeswoman Michelle Bart to put them along with two of their investigators at the hotel which for one night at the hotel ranges anywhere from $249 to $739 a night. They didn’t even get the interview they were hoping to get so I think it serves ABC right for forking out that kind of money for an interview from these people.

It appears that the one time Anthony private eye, Dominic Casey, apparently gave conflicting stories to the investigators in this case while under oath which is definitely not a good thing. When asked about what he was doing in the same area as the scene of the crime a month before Caylee was even found he first claimed he was there checking out a story of one of Casey’s childhood friends saying they use to go there to play and to bury their dead pets.

Next he claimed he was sent there by some psychic and he even managed to find one to back his story. He also gave conflicting stories about who he was talking on the phone with in the video. First he said he was talking to the psychic and next he claims he was talking to his sick daughter. He also tried to claim that he didn’t know he was being filmed even though a few times in the video it appears that the man filming it, Jim Hoover was quite close to Dominic Casey.  Dominic called Hoover a sneaky devil. A judge has a second statement but hasn’t decided whether to release it yet or not.

My question is, will the sleazebag attorney, Jose Baez bow out gracefully and try with a plea bargain or will he go for broke and take this to trial? I think he should tell his client she needs to confess, and hope for the best, like maybe life in prison in lieu of the death penalty. They say the death penalty isn’t an option anymore but I think under certain circumstances due to new evidence they might be able to reinstate it as an option. I am not sure about that though. I know I would be looking for some sort of plea bargain but my bet is that Jose is greedy. I think he will take this up to the end just to see how much of the tax payers money he can spend during the preparations of this trial. I guess we will soon find out. I sure hope so because as an American citizen that lives here in the United States, I am tired of seeing our money go to helping these people. I’d much rather see someone honest have it that really needs it.

In the end we must remember little Caylee though. I doubt if the world will ever forget her. Caylee Marie Anthony has become a well known name. I know she now knows that the world loves her. God bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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