A Florida judge has denied attorney Jose Baez’s, Casey Anthony’s defense lawyer, motion to seal interviews of Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla and his team. Hours of audio taped interviews as they talk about what they heard and saw from Casey Anthony during the time they spent with her after Padilla had he bailed out of jail.

One of Padilla’s team, Tracy McLaughlin spent nine days in the Anthony home and it is said that she and Casey Anthony had bonded together. It is said that her interview is of a particular interest.

The tapes are being released because they are part of public record. They should be released late next week or the week after that.

Andrea Lyon, one of Anthony’s attorney’s is planning to make her first major statement in the case apparently some time after Labor Day. It is said that it will be in a motion arguing that there is insufficient evidence to support a murder charge against Casey Anthony.

I am not quite sure how she plans to pull this one off. I’d say she has got to do some fast talking to convince anyone that murder is not the case here. I am not a lawyer but I don’t see how, with all that they have, anyone can say there is insufficient evidence.

Little Caylee Marie Anthony was only 2 years old when she disappeared in mid June, 2008. Her Mother didn’t even bother to report her missing for 31 days and even then it was Caylee’s grandmother that made the 911 call. On December 11, 2008 little Caylee’s remains were found less than a quarter of a mile from her grandparents home, thrown in the woods in a laundry bag which was put inside a trash bag. She was thrown away as though she was garbage. Her little skull had duct tape wrapped around it several times covering her little mouth nose. And now this wannabe dream team wants to tell us that Casey Anthony is innocent. Will anyone buy that? I doubt many will.

Jan Barrett

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