Well I think the state is finally making a wise call to the wannabe dream team that is representing Casey Anthony. The Florida woman is in jail on charges of first degree murder facing the death penalty for murdering her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

Prosecutors have filed a motion Thursday asking the courts to order the defense team to provide documents that they claim is substantial evidence that Caylee’s body was placed in the woods after Casey was put in jail so someone else had to have killed her.

Todd Macaluso told the courts on August 21 “There’s substantial evidence that we’ve discovered… that the body or the remains of Caylee Anthony were placed there after Casey Anthony was locked up in the Orange County Correctional facility.”

The motion is asking for the defense to give them names, addresses and all supporting documentation relative to their claim. Prosecutors says that all of the forensic evidence to date establishes to date that the remains of little Caylee had been deposited there many months prior to December 11, 2008.

The state argues that the defense team has reciprocal discovery obligations. Since the only response they have received was defense witness lists therefore having the state drawing their own conclusions as it states in the motion:

“The only conclusion this Court can draw from the fact that no additional reciprocal discovery has been filed is (1) the exculpatory evidence does not exist, or (2) the defendant is intentionally violating the rules of discovery.”

The spokeswoman for the defense attorney Jose Baez, Marti Mackenzie, claims that Baez “abides by all the rules and regulations affecting any kind of criminal trial in Florida.”

OK now here is what my thoughts on this are. If, and I stretch the word IF a lot, they have any evidence that could possibly prove that Casey was innocent why would party girl allow them to withhold it until they go to trial? Why not give it to the prosecutors now and if it is good enough to clear her of these charges she could be released now and not keep her there with the tax payers feeding her and putting a roof over her head.

The only conclusion I have on this matter is that of course their so called evidence won’t prove she didn’t do this. Besides even if it could cause a shadow of a doubt that the baby’s remains were put there after Casey was arrested, that doesn’t mean she didn’t kill her. Someone could have put her in those woods where someone would find it and then they could claim exactly what the defense is trying to say now. Maybe this was what Lee Anthony meant at the memorial service when he left his little message in his words for CMA about keeping his promise. Or maybe this was what their code talk was about when he would visit her in jail. I personally think that any one of the Anthony clan would do anything Casey tells them to do including helping her cover up what really happened to her daughter.

Sorry, but there is no doubt in my mind that Casey did this to her daughter. Perhaps it was an accident and she panicked. Maybe she was scared so she decided to cover it up and got her family to go along with her to keep her out of trouble. We all know how Casey got what she wanted around her family. As George told her while visiting her in jail, she is in charge just like she always is.

So even if this started out as an accident they have turned it into a murder case and it is too late now to say she is innocent. They have taken this way too far and carried it out way too long to say it was an accident. Too many innocent people have been hurt from this, all to cover up for one little spoiled brat that is use to having everything her way.

Poor little Caylee is the one that has suffered with her life. This precious child is lost to this world and the person responsible for that should have to pay. I am not a heartless person but I do not feel sorry for Casey Anthony and now I do not feel sorry for her parents because I feel they have turned their backs on little Caylee so they can support their daughter. They know she is guilty but yet they fight to get her off these charges. What are they hoping for? That she will be set free so she can get pregnant again and give them another grandbaby to replace Caylee? I sure hope that will never happen.

God Bless You Caylee Marie Anthony! We all love you and we are waiting for you to get the justice you so rightly deserve.

Jan Barrett

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