Caylee Marie Anthony disappeared in mid June and no one seems to be able to find her. The FBI and the Orange County Sheriff’s office are convinced that the two year old child is dead yet her grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony keep holding out hope to find little Caylee alive.

There has been a lot of dirt dug up on the organization that the Anthony’s became involved with called Kid Finders in order to look for Caylee. Personally I wouldn’t trust these people as far as I could see them but it appears that no one seems to be able to convince the Anthony’s that these people aren’t on the up and up. It is my opinion that Kid Finders are the reason the Anthony’s are thinking as they are in order to help rake in the donations so their pockets can get filled with cash as long as they can make this last but like I said that is only my opinion.

It is a shame that the one person in the world that could stop all this mess is refusing to talk. The one person that knows the truth about what happened to little Caylee is her mother, Casey Anthony and she is in the Orange County jail being held without bond on charges of first degree murder along with several other charges the 22 year old mother faces. Casey has done nothing but lie to authorities from day one. Hell she didn’t even bother to report little Caylee missing for 31 days and even then it was her mother, Cindy Anthony that made that famous 911 call that thousands of people will never forget.

I am a mother of two with two grandsons and a third one on his way. I tried putting myself in George and Cindy Anthony’s shoes in the beginning which caused me to have a great deal of sympathy for them. I would be frantic and a total wreck. I wouldn’t sleep, eat or drink. I would pace the floors, I would be knocking on doors and I would be out searching in the woods. I wouldn’t stop looking for my grandbaby for nothing. Writing books, having T-shirts printed out, appearing on TV, absolutely none of this would be on my mind.

I don’t understand the Anthony’s. I don’t know why they think that they can get away with all the things they do. How can they say one thing one minute and the next thing you know it, they change their story to something else. Then they want people to believe all they tell us. This is worse than the boy that called wolf story. They were promising a press conference to show proof that Caylee was alive. Then it was postponed until the end of the week and the next thing we know it is canceled.

Then today there is a picture floating around of a little girl playing in a Mall in west Florida. There is supposed to be an investigator checking into it now to see whether or not the sighting has any merit. A shopper at the mall was given to D&A Investigations which is a private firm working with the Anthony’s, and a copy has been given to the Orange County Sheriff’s office.

Now I can respect the idea that the Anthony’s want to believe this little girl is actually Caylee but I looked at this picture blown up and I am sorry but this does not look like Caylee. Also to begin with, why in the world would anyone that has supposedly kidnapped a little girl that has gained worldwide publicity with her photo plastered everywhere take the little girl to a Mall and let her play in the play area with other kids. Come on now, get real. I can’t imagine anyone being that stupid. This has scam written all over it.

Now another report I read is that it is now being said that George Anthony has admitted that he got caught up in a serious Nigerian scam and lost the family’s money. This story should have no credibility whatsoever. To begin with once again the Nigerian scams are publicized all over with warnings about them. George Anthony is an ex cop and that alone says why he should have known better than to get involved with something so silly.

I think this is all a plan so they can take all the blame off of Casey here. I wouldn’t be afraid if they weren’t planning on putting all the blame on George so Casey can walk free. Who knows what goes through these people’s minds.

Five DVD’s were released of the FBI investigators interviews with Cindy and George Anthony that were taken in late July. During one interview George Anthony said that another investigator had told him that there were as many as 1200 photos of his daughter Casey out there and that she had done some bad things. Anthony described his daughter as a young woman who has been weaving a web of lies for months. He also stated that he expects his daughter to get jail time.

It was also revealed in the videotapes of George and Cindy Anthony that the months leading up to Caylee’s disappearance, Casey was leading a life that they claim they didn’t know anything about. “She’s going to be going away. I know deep in my heart she is,” George Anthony said. “If there was some way I could get to her and talk to her… your life as you know it is over.”

George Anthony admitted hiding from his wife and son the fact that the sheriff’s detectives had found over 1000 provocative photo’s of Casey retrieved from the family’s computers, cameras and online. He also all but admits smelling the odor of decomposition in his daughter’s car. He said she was even stealing money from little Caylee’s piggy bank too.

I don’t know if Caylee will ever be found but if she isn’t I hope the proof that they have when this all goes to court will be enough to prove to the Anthony’s that Caylee is no longer alive. If it isn’t then if they truly believe what they are telling the public about her being alive, they are in for a miserable rest of their lives. I can’t wait to hear the list of evidence that the prosecutors have against Casey Anthony.

I hope they aren’t going to try to say that some goons took Caylee out of revenge from George being involved with the Nigerian Scam (which I honestly think it totally bogus) or something dumb like that. In my heart I want to think differently but in reality I think the Anthony’s are being set up for a huge disappointment. IF they really don’t know already the answer to all of this then I do feel sorry for them being blind to their daughter’s lies.

Mark NeJame resigned as the Anthony’s attorney. He said there was little more he could do to help them search for this child. He would only say that Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony is the only one that knows the truth about what happened to Caylee and she won’t talk. He said he was off the case because of disagreements with the Anthony’s.

He made a statement which included that he only agreed to represent the grandparents so long as there were no restrictions placed on him whatsoever as to finding Caylee regardless of where it might lead. He said quite simply that meant he was to be able to do whatever he needed to find Caylee whether she was alive or not. The other condition he made with the Anthony’s was that he would have absolutely nothing to do with representing Casey or assisting in her legal defense.

Sounds to me like there were some hidden words there since we know he can’t reveal anything that he has found out about this case while supposedly being behind those closed doors. I think once this all comes to trial we are all going to be surprised. When I say all, I mean on both sides of this case with one 22 year old sitting in the middle probably laughing inside thinking she has us all stumped. God what I wouldn’t give to be there if and when they tell her she has been found guilty of first degree murder and will have to spend the rest of her life without benefit of parole for murdering her 2 year old daughter and even worse that she would be in the same cell as the female version of “Bubba” that everyone fears in prison.

In the meantime Caylee we are all still praying for you and even when this story dies down none of us will ever forget your little innocent face. God bless you honey, we love you!

Jan Barrett

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