Well it looks as though the search that Tim Miller, the founder and director of Texas Equusearch planned on starting back, is called off for now. He says that the conditions in the areas they had hoped to search in were not favorable at this time. Water apparently remains high in those areas and he said that the vegetation has not yet started to die off.  He has decided to postpone the search until the first or second week of November.

Miller had planned to continue his search Caylee Anthony who has been missing since mid-June and for another woman, 27 year old Jennifer Kesse that was last seen in Orlando on January 24, 2006. Jennifer’s mother, Joyce Kesse, has supposedly to have signed a petition that has started up to stop Lifetime Network from going forward with an alleged deal in which it has been reported that the Anthony family has been offered $2 million dollars over.

The message she allegedly wrote says, ”Please DO NOT pay one cent for this reported upcoming movie. This is the most bizarre of all missing person’s cases. The multitude of lies, mistruths, etc. is insulting to those of us with missing children, who do everything we can to find our children. Our daughter, Jennifer Kesse, age 24, abducted on January 24, 2006 from Orlando, with the Orando Police Department as lead investigators, remains missing. This case will ultimately desensitize our communities when the next child goes missing due to this families actions or shall I say lack of pro-activeness.”

Meanwhile Cindy Anthony is now throwing the blame of recent leaks concerning Casey Anthony’s case on the politics and the upcoming election. This woman just won’t quit. She will blame everything on everyone except for her bratty daughter.

“I feel that a lot of what is going on right now is a political move on the state attorney’s office, Lawson Lamar,” Anthony said. “I feel that right now I think the reason these leaks are being let out, especially about the grand jury is because of the upcoming election.”

She said she is tired of how the story of her daughter and granddaughter has played out in the media. She said that she hopes the media reports don’t negatively affect the panel of the grand jury Tuesday. “I just hope those people go in there with an open mind,” Cindy said. “If they choose that they think there is enough to go forward, I think we have enough to exonerate my daughter.”

Cindy Anthony goes on to defend her daughter saying, Casey is not upset about the grand jury tomorrow. “She is upset about her daughter,” Cindy said. “You know that the grand jury hearing tomorrow is not upsetting her. What she is upset with is finding out the information that you know, they stopped looking for Caylee. That is what is upsetting her.”

Good Lord this woman is really blind to her daughter. If she truly believes for one minute that Casey would put the welfare of her daughter ahead of herself then Cindy needs help really bad. Casey knows nothing about caring for anyone except for herself. Casey has proven time and time again that she wants to be number one and anything else would be unacceptable.

I for one will be waiting patiently to find out what goes on tomorrow. I honestly hope they go along with the DA’s office and indict Casey Anthony for murder of her daughter. That would mean she would go back to jail and have to stay there until she goes to trial. That is all Casey is upset about now. She doesn’t want to go back to jail and she has to pretend she is only worried about Caylee. If she was that worried about her daughter, then someone that sees this case other than I do, please explain to me how come Casey was at the damn Target buying beer and sunglasses and paper towels and other things while she was supposedly out doing her own research to find her daughter instead of calling the police.

Tell me how come her parents and brothers and anyone else that has stood by her side can’t see this. How come every time this brat says to jump they ask how high! How does she manage to gain control over all these people. She has that evil look in here eyes that I spotted the first time I saw her online on the news. This was even before the police realized she was lying to them about everything.

I read where people are saying in this country everyone is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. Well damnit I am an American and in this case I don’t go along with this saying. I know this woman knows more than what she is saying. If she didn’t kill that precious little girl then get her off her spoiled ass and make her tell what she knows about this and quit letting her get away with her lies. She gets away with all her lies because everyone lets her. She found out a long time ago how to manipulate her family with her lies and she is damn good at it. I say put an end to it and take away her rights. Make her speak up now.

In the meantime tomorrow we shall know what happens and I will be reporting what we learn as soon as I get the news myself. Caylee, where ever you are sweetheart my prayers, my love and my tears are with you. You are the one who has suffered here and it just isn’t fair.

Jan Barrett

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