Reading this news somehow hit me kind of hard. I suppose all along even though I kept thinking Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony done something with this precious child, I had this little hope that maybe she was somewhere out there with someone keeping her safe.

Sunday the Orange county Investigators have for the first time confirmed that the recent FBI lab tests show that Caylee’s body was in the trunk of Casey’s car and that she is dead. I am glad I am typing these words right now because to be honest to say them out loud brings tears to my eyes.

A lead investigator told WESH 2TV’s Bob Kealing that lab results do indicate that it was Caylee’s dead body in the trunk. They also confirmed that the stain in the trunk wasn’t what had this come to this conclusion. Apparently it was the strands of hair that they thought were Caylee’s to begin with that showed signs of decomposition. The tests thought did not show a probably cause for how Caylee’s body ended up in the trunk. The investigators are still investigating that.

Orange County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. John Allen said, “The information we’ve gotten back from the lab that she was in the trunk of that car and that she is dead is certainly something we take seriously.”

Casey’s own mother, Cindy Anthony, told the 911 operator that there was a smell that smelled like a dead body in the damn car. After her daughter was arrested she changed that to say that it was just old pizza left in the car and some cleaning fluid. Now she has changed it even again saying that the smell wasn’t there until after the car had been towed so someone had to pick her daughter’s car out and put a dead body in the trunk.

Meanwhile search teams led by the Texas Equusearch, who uses computer mapping and other high tech means to locate people, are out with volunteers searching for Caylee. “We’ve come across a lot of areas,” Mary Albritton with Texas Equusearch said. We’eve ruled out a lot of areas she’s not, so that’s progress.”

The Orange County detectives are directing search teams to areas that have been included in their investigation, like the area where Casey’s car was found. “The information we’s gotten back from the FBI lab has clearly helped up focus out investigation,” said Sgt. Allen.

Lois Peter and he family have supported the Anthony family since day one in the search for Caylee. “It’s really emotional on us. We will do what we have to do. It’s got to stop. Caylee has to come home,” she said.

Cindy Anthony is still insisting that her granddaughter is alive. “We need to start looking for a little girl that’s walking and living and breathing and someone actually has her, Cindy Anthony said.

Reports say that with two new felony counts and one misdemeanor, Casey Anthony is facing 17 years in prison if she is convicted. The question is, if she killed her daughter would that 17 years be enough punishment for her. I would think not.

I am sorry if I sound cold hearted but even if something happened to Caylee that was an accident, Casey has covered it up and kept it to herself all this time so that to me would be considered murder, maybe not in the first degree but nevertheless murder to some degree. If it were an accident she shouldn’t have had reason to hide it from the police and not tell anyone what happened. Duh! I mean I will never in a million years believe that she took care of this alone. Casey has never done anything without her parent’s help so why would she start now? It would be hard to prove but I would not be afraid to say that they helped her cover this up.

All of this just doesn’t add up. All the stories keep changing. Sure it isn’t a crime to lie to the media but when you cry out to the public for help in something like this the truth should be told. How can you expect anyone to want to get involved if they can’t trust you to be truthful in the situation?

Cindy scolded the public for not helping look for Casey, yelling out to them to get off their butts and find her grand daughter. What did she expect the public to do, go out in the heat and search for Caylee (which if I was there I would have been involved in the search) while her little princess brat sat and chatted with a 12 year old child on the computer in air condition? I don’t think so!

None of this makes sense. I just wish that they would find Caylee and be able to give her a proper burial so she may rest in peace. In the meantime I hope they slap the harshest charges on Casey Anthony that‘s acceptable in the court of law and that she is found guilty and spends the rest of her life in prison. When I say in prison, I mean in jail with hardened criminals that hate child killers. Not somewhere that she will be protected. They need to give her a taste of what it is like fearing for her life instead of having everything her way. Her cell should have wallpaper made out of Caylee’s pictures so she can never forget that gorgeous smile on that child and so she would be reminded everyday about what she has done.

Caylee didn’t ask to come into this world, neither did she ask to leave it. Poor Caylee never had a choice. Unfortunately both of those choices were up to her mother, Casey Anthony.

May you rest in peace Caylee! I know if you are no longer on this earth that at least you are with the angels above where they can protect you. May God be with you sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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