Cindy Anthony said there were threats against the family so that is why Casey is not talking. Then Cindy said that at least Casey was safe from any threats while she is behind bars. Why not put the grandparents and the brother behind bars where they would be safe and then we would see what excuses Casey would give not to tell what she knows. There is so much more to this than any of us know. And the longer they carry it on, the less chance for that precious little girl to be found.

The grandparents keep saying their daughter is telling them in her own way where Caylee is. Well duh! Why not just tell it point blank and let the authorities find her. If it were my daughter I wouldn’t care if I did tell something she told me in confidence if it would help find Caylee. Why tell the media she knows if they are not going to tell. I would think they were just as guilty of lying and covering up evidence in this case too that could very well find Caylee. Why should they get away with holding what they are told by their daughter?

In my opinion Casey Anthony is just a spoiled little brat that loves the attention all this publicity is giving her. She threw her little fit when they acted like all they were thinking about was Caylee and not her. Now her name is known nation wide, as are her parents and brother’s. They complain now about the media coverage. As long as the media covered what they wanted them to so they could get the pity from people, they were more than happy to cooperate. Now that the investigation gets more intense and their own lies are coming out, they suddenly explode with the media and refuse to talk to them.

They made this case what it is today. They should all be held responsible for Caylee’s disappearance on account of their own words. If someone told me where Caylee was but threatened my family if I told should I tell anyway? Would I be wrong to hold back on this information if it could possibly save her life? YES I would be wrong. So what makes them any different? They keep telling the media that Casey knows where Caylee is, so why not force them to tell where she is.

I have no pity on these people that are trying to protect Casey Anthony. If she is innocent as they claim she is then she should be breaking her neck to help find her daughter at all costs. Instead all she is doing is sitting behind bars whining that she doesn’t have her freedom. Every parent has love for their children but I think some tough love is what is needed here.

Today is Caylee’s 3rd birthday. She should be home celebrating . Caylee where ever you are you have a nation here that are praying for you to be found alive and well. We pray that the angels are watching over you keeping you safe.

Jan Barrett

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