Monday the state released over 1100 pages of evidence against Casey Anthony to her defense team. Casey Anthony is the tot’s mom that is being held in Orange County Jail on charges of first degree murder of her 2 year old daughter, Caylee Marie Anthony.

The test results from the FBI lab done on the duct tape that was found on the skull of the child are reportedly in the newly released documents. WESH 2’s Bob Kealing asked if Casey Anthony’s fingerprints were found on the duct tape, he was told by a source, “This is not going to be good for the defense.”

The new documents are not going to be released to the public until the middle of next week though. Orlando defense attorney Richard Hornsby said that the duct tape evidence would possibly bring the death penalty back in to play. He said this could just force Casey’s attorney, Jose Baez to either put Casey on the stand or consider a plea bargain for her.

Meanwhile it seems that Casey’s scumbag attorney had checked himself into the hospital Friday night for some tests due to stomach problems according to his new spokeswoman Mari Mackenzie. She apparently wouldn’t say how long he stayed in there but they ran several tests just as a precaution. She said he has returned to work Monday and claims he is feeling fine.

George Anthony was on Geraldo last night. I was under the understanding that he was supposed to appear to talk about the Haleigh Cummings case so I would like to know why he felt the need to bring his attorney along with him. At the end of the segment Geraldo went back to George to ask one more question. He specifically told George if he didn’t want to answer it would be ok to let his attorney answer for him. He asked George if he regrets cooperating as he did with the authorities given that so much of what he said is damning evidence against his own daughter. George wouldn’t even answer that himself.

Instead he said he would rather let his attorney, Brad Conway answer that one. Conway’s response was something like it is hard to give honest answers in grief. What kind of crap is that? When you are truly in grief it seems like you are too preoccupied to think of anything but the truth. It seems to me like that would be the time for nothing but the truth to come out since they claimed Caylee had been kidnapped. If they truly believed she had been they would have been begging for the kidnapper to bring Caylee home.

I hope that Casey Anthony never walks free again. She doesn’t deserve to be free. She deprived this beautiful child of her life. All we hear is how Casey has had everything taken from her, well what about what she took from her daughter. It gets harder and harder for me to stomach listening to any of the Anthony’s talk these days. I keep thinking about how little Caylee should still be here on this earth living her life but thanks to her selfish mother she can’t be.

God Bless you Caylee and before I close this I would like to say a prayer for Haleigh Cummings also. I pray that she is found alive and well. I hope this child’s life wasn’t ripped away from her at such an early age like Caylee’s was. I pray she will be given the chance to live her life in full. God bless you too Haleigh where ever you are.

Jan Barrett

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