Monday morning Jose Baez argued in court that photos that were added to his client’s photobucket account online should not be released to the public saying if they were released it would be embarrassing to the Anthony family. Well in my opinion if they aren’t too embarrassed to stand by their daughter after all of this then how can anything else involving this case could embarrass them. The judge ruled against Baez in this case and ordered that the photos can be released.

Thursday more than 1100 pages of documents were released and some of the images released included pictures of skulls and even a drawing of two skulls locked in an embrace. One of the photo’s I found to be a bit disturbing though was one of little Caylee with a heart shaped sticker attached to it similar to the heart that was found on the duct tape that was around little Caylee’s mouth on her skull that was found along with her remains on December 11, 2008 less than a mile from the Anthony’s home. What was left of her little body was found inside a laundry bag that was put inside a garbage bag and she was thrown in the woods like trash.

The transcript of an interview with Anthony Lazzaro, a former boyfriend of Casey Anthony’s, was also included in the documents released Thursday. He said in the interview that a few days after Caylee Anthony was last seen he woke up in the middle of the night and found Casey sitting on the side of the bed with her laptop watching a video of Caylee and she was crying. He said it was like she was crying without any tears. He claims it wasn’t like she cried before when he was going to break up with her though.

When asked for a comment on the newly released documents, Jose Baez said, “We are going to reserve comment on discovery releases until those time when the discovery is of some importance to the real evidence in this case.” In other words it sounds like that can be translated as him saying he doesn’t know what the hell to say about it.

The private detective that followed Dominic Casey around with a video camera as they were searching the crime area before it was known as the crime area also has an interview included in the documents released Thursday. James Hoover gave the investigators a detailed report about what went on at the Ritz Hotel with the Anthony’s and Jose Baez, and Dominic Casey, himself and two people from ABC Network. He claims that ABC picked up the bill for appetizers and their steak dinners that night. Nice way to spend the night after just learning that it is very likely that the remains of your only grandchild were found dumped in the woods like a bag of garbage. I wonder how they could eat at all. I would need a sedative to knock me out completely if I had just found out what they did that day.

I have to admit these people do act different from anyone else that I know. They seem to act like it is more important to be in the public eye themselves than it is for justice to be served here for the murder of their little granddaughter. It seems that dollar signs are in their eyes and nothing else except for them claiming that their daughter is innocent. I say if she is so innocent, prove it now. Why wait until the case goes to trial in October.

Word is that the defense could be planning to make this look like it was an accident. If that is the case then she is still just as guilty after covering it up all this time. There is no excuse for her allowing that child to be lying in the woods, where it was subject to the rain and storms and rising waters not to mention all the animals that could have fed on her. She probably thought no one would ever find Caylee and if they did she was counting on nothing to be left of her to identify. Perhaps that is the reason for her reaction on the video when she was told about a child’s skull being found in those particular woods even though it hadn’t been positively identified as Caylee yet.

I hope the prosecution has a strong enough case here to find Casey Anthony guilty of first degree murder so she can be thrown in jail for the rest of her life without ever having a chance of getting out on parole. She doesn’t deserve her freedom. Caylee didn’t ask to leave this world but she had no choice. She was deprived a long life here on this earth so her murderer should not be free to enjoy her life anymore either.

Pray for justice for Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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