To be honest I was in no way surprised when I heard about this alleged affair George Anthony was supposedly to have had with a woman he met during a search for his 2 year old grand daughter, Caylee Anthony two years ago. I mean after all who wouldn’t stray if they had to live with Cindy Anthony day after day after day!

Now suddenly the woman, identified as River Cruz is singing to the prosecution about what he has told her during this alleged affair. Accusations have come out that she is only saying what she is saying to try and get money out the deal but she insists that is ridiculous, especially since she never went to anyone with her story, they approached her first. She is claiming that George confessed to her details about his grand daughter’s murder saying it was an accident that snow-balled out of control.

Now of course Anthony is denying any such affair saying it is all a lie. His attorney, Brad Conway says, “George did not have a sexual relationship with her. He did not receive $5000 or whatever she is claiming she gave him.”  Conway also denies that his client has any knowledge whatsoever about how little Caylee Anthony died. “Their motives need to be questioned,” said Conway.

WFTV reported that River Cruz picked up her camera and cell phone from the Orange County Sheriff’s office after they were examined by detectives and when asked about the alleged affair she denied trying to exploit the Casey Anthony case for financial gain. She told the reporters that she made an official statement under oath and she told the truth about what happened.

A former prosecutor, Jeff Dean, says they want to cast a wide net now for information such as this and then if they find it necessary they can confront witnesses like George Anthony with what they find out.

They say if Anthony decides to change his story to go in favor of his daughter then he could possibly face some serious consequences himself.

River Cruz’s sister, Skye Benhaida told WFTV news that her sister was in love with George and that she specifically told George she would never ask him about what happened to Caylee and that was when he told her Caylee died from an accident.

The thought that comes to my mind here is that this woman’s private life is now going to be under a microscope. You can bet Jose Bozo will have someone try to destroy her credibility as a witness just like they seem to do to anyone that becomes involved.

Personally I could care less if George Anthony had an affair. That part of this news means nothing to me but the accusation that he supposedly admitted Caylee’s death was an accident means a lot. It would prove that he and his low life wife have known all about what happened probably since before Caylee’s remains were even located, which is something I have always said. My thoughts and opinion have always been that they were probably not involved in her death but definitely involved with the cover up, but as I said that is of course my own opinion.

Cruz claims she gave George $5000 because he was claiming to be broke, and according to the Examiner she wasn’t the only one that he received money from. Also reporter Kathy Belich from WFTV who has been following Caylee Anthony’s murder case from the beginning says that Cruz was given a polygraph text and also had two intimate photos of George along with several “racy” text messages that she gave to the police.

WFTV News anchor, Bob Opsahl, says that the woman, River Cruz, “looks a lot like the description George gave detectives of Zanny the Nanny. Skye Benhaida told Belich that George modeled his description of Zanny on her sister even down to the Asian style tattoo on her arm.

Also in the news on this case was the motion hearing today with the wanna-be dream team trying to get the tax payers to pick up the tab on the expenses of the case. I am a taxpayer and I strongly object to my money being spent on this. If I am going to have one red cent going towards this case I would prefer it to be going to a public defender that gets paid for handling cases when a defender has no money which they are clearly saying that Casey Anthony has none.

Of course this comes at the perfect timing after George and Cindy Anthony’s home is supposedly going into foreclosure after they haven’t paid their mortgage payment in months. The part about that which really made me laugh is how they showed their ignorance about being surprised when they heard about it happening. Anyone and everyone knows if you don’t pay for something it is going to be taken back. I mean come on now, they can’t possibly think they could go that long without paying their house payment and NOT think they would take it away from them did they?

Court today was entertaining if nothing else. It seems the Bozo, Baez was backed into the corner and found himself with no choice but to explain some things about all this money. First we heard about Andrea Lyon receiving $22,500 and him receiving $89,000 plus, which was all they were mentioning in court. They just couldn’t leave well enough alone though. This new attorney, Cheney Mason just couldn’t keep him his mouth shut. They all ended up in another room discussing how they were going to explain where all the money went to and when they came back to court, Baez, under oath was forced to admit that ABC had indeed paid Casey Anthony $200,000. There was another $75,000 received that was forced to be explained which Bozo says $5000 came from a donor and the rest, $70,000 came from a previous member of the defense team. Now they have to explain where the rest of the money is since they clearly stated that Baez and Lyon are the only attorneys that have received any finds.

OK I am not a rich woman. I don’t think I have ever had that much money in my hands before but it seems to me that is an awful lot of money to go through and not have to account for. Surely they have some record of how the money is being spent.

Judge Stan Strickland deferred a ruling on the issue until he receives further materials from the defense, as well as from the Justice Administrative Commission, the state agency that oversees funding. The commission has voiced opposition to allocating funding for Anthony’s defense, saying in court papers it has “severe concerns” about whether Casey Anthony even qualifies for financial assistance.

I guess we will have to wait for the judge’s decision on this but I would think that the public’s response should have a say in it. After all, they as the taxpayers should be able to voice their opinion since it is their money that this wanna-be dream team are asking for. I did like one thing the judge said though. He asked why not use specialist from Florida instead of from out of state, which makes perfect sense to me. I mean normally anyone that needs professional help doesn’t receive it unless THEY can afford it. They say Casey is broke so why does she deserve a special defense team. As I said before get her a regular public defender that is automatically paid by the taxpayers and get rid of the whole wanna-be dream team.

Caylee Anthony deserves better than this. She gave her life for a mere few hundred thousands of dollars so her grand parents could enjoy luxury cruises and her Mom can receive expensive defense attorneys to get her off the hook. Let them take the money out of Casey’s commissary account to pay those expenses. She doesn’t need the brownies and candy and lingerie she seems to buy.

We need to demand that Caylee Anthony gets the justice she deserves so she may rest in peace. She is the only real Anthony that has suffered anything through all this that she didn’t deserve. The rest deserve everything they get. God bless you Caylee. We all love you honey!

Jan Barrett

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