Well Friday morning Caylee Anthony’s Mom was back in the news as she had to appear in court for the judge to hear the new motions filed in her case. Of course Casey’s proud parents showed up for court showing their support for their loving daughter. Cindy in her movie star style hair cut and all her jewelry and make up on while George somehow looked thinner and older.

The defense team filed a motion to try and get the murder charges and the child abuse charges against Casey dismisses. Linda Drane Burdick, the state prosecutor, stood in court and said that the defense made no sense in their arguments. “It’s a farce,” she said. “It doesn’t even come close to the legal arguments necessary for a motion to dismiss.” She says the defense motion is legally flawed. “It is insufficient.”

Thankfully Judge Stan Strickland agreed with the prosecution and refused to throw the charges out. So the murder and abuse charges will stand against Casey Anthony, who is being charged for murdering her then 2 year old daughter, Caylee Anthony.

The state had also filed a motioned that was heard during this court session. Their motion was to ask the courts to order the defense to hand over evidence and a list of witnesses that they plan to call in during the trial. One of the defense attorney’s Todd Macaluso said they had evidence that shows Caylee Anthony’s remains were dumped at the crime scene after Casey Anthony was put in jail. The prosecutors said their agreement to share evidence requires the defense to produce such findings. But (his majesty) Bozo (oops) I mean Jose Baez argued in court that the burden to share evidence is up to the prosecutors and he isn’t required to tip his hand on any possible defense strategy. “We are analyzing everything,” he said. “We’re not piecemealing things. When we’re ready, we will comply with the rules of discovery.

The good judge once again ruled against the defense. He says that they have to produce specific to the claim made by Macaluso. He says they have until February 1 to hand it over or explain why they haven’t.

OK I agree they need to do so but why not until the first of February. I mean that is still months away. How long does it take to provide proof that you have something that they claim they already have? Do they have to search for something now to hand over to the prosecution to make it look like evidence? It amazes me at how they are always expecting special privileges. How come we have to wait til it is convenient for them to take this to trial anyway? That to me makes absolutely no sense.

The judge did grant the defense experts easier access to pictures from the crime scene but under strict guidelines. He ruled that only those that are in applicable fields of study are to see them.

It also seems that little Haleigh Cummings stepmom, Misty Croslin isn’t the only one involved in a high profile case that has continuous inconsistencies in their testimonies to the police. Apparently George Anthony kept changing his story and the timeline of events especially when he spoke of crucial information about the evidence in the murder case of his granddaughter, Caylee. You can go here to find a video of his deposition or to read the depositions.

I was reading an article from the sun-sentinel.com tonight and I had to laugh but then agree with the writer of the article who was talking about 48 Hour Mystery on CBS which airs tonight at 9 pm Central time here. Maggie Rodriguez will be interviewing the defense team attorneys and a few other guests which include, George and Cindy Anthony, Jesse Grund, Casey Anthony’s former fiancé, author Diane Fanning, who has compiled Casey’s history of lying in her upcoming book, “Mommy’s Little Girl” and Zenaida Gonzales’s attorney, John Morgan.

The article I found says that the first question Rodriguez should have asked George and Cindy is “Who’s paying you?” He says the Anthony’s are a blue collar family that has had no known source of income since Caylee disappeared in June, 2008. I find that to be a very interesting question. It puzzles me how these people have survived every day since all this has happened with no income coming in. Shoot my husband and I can’t go two weeks without any income at all before we panic on how are we going to pay our bills and then we still barely scrape by so I’d love to know how one pays a mortgage and all utilities and car payments with insurance and still eat. Oh and yeah and not to mention being able to go to the hair salon to make sure the hair is perfect for every court date. Oh and one more thing, has anyone priced a pack of gum lately? It is a lot more expensive than it was 5 years ago even yet they always seem to be able to afford gum. I would like to know their secret, seriously.

I honestly don’t know how they can forget that little Caylee’s life was taken more than likely by the hands of their very own daughter. How could they not be out for justice of their only grandchild. I know the love of a mother, as I am a mother too, but I am also a grandmother and even though it would have to be a really hard thing to do I would have to look for my grandchild’s justice if it we me in their shoes. I still say it is hard to turn away from your own child and I admire that part in the Anthony’s but to defend her by slapping her on the hand telling her she was bad and not to do that anymore is not the way to handle this. Everyone says they have lost their granddaughter and now they don’t want to lose their daughter too. OK that is understandable too, but not by fighting saying she is innocent. Sorry, that won’t work.

I would have some sympathy if they were just fighting the death penalty, using excuse after excuse as to why she shouldn’t be executed and just let her go to prison and pay for her crime. But no they are never going to do that. Of course this is my opinion only but I think they won’t turn their backs on her mostly because they are afraid if they do she will tell the cops that they were all a part in covering this up after the fact. I have also said they know about it and if you think about it, with George being an ex-cop he would know more than your average person on how to cover for a murder. None will talk because then they will all go down. But again like I say that is only my opinion.

I pray that Caylee will get her justice at the end of all this and ALL involved will pay for their part. They all deserve to be thrown behind bars together in one cell so they have to deal with each other and face one another everyday for the rest of their sorry lives.

Caylee America still loves you honey and we still pray you will get justice soon. We also pray for all the other missing and abused and murdered children out there like Haleigh Cummings and Adji Desir.

Listen in to our radio show on Sunday and we will be discussing the latest on the Haleigh Cummings case and Caylee Anthony as well.

Jan Barrett

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