Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary has described Casey Anthony as one of the toughest individuals that he has ever run into. Casey is the only person that authorities have named as a suspect in the disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. She has done nothing but handed investigators a string of lies when asked about the whereabouts of her daughter.

Local 6’s  Mike Holfeld talked to Beary and he said that his lead detective Sgt. John Allen has described Casey’s attitude.

 “I’ve had some very experienced people working on this case and Sgt. John Allen is one of those,” Beary said. “Sgt Allen said that’s one that’s of the toughest individuals he’s ever come in contact with when it comes to attitude and as you called the poker face.”

“In your heart do you believe Caylee is gone, is she dead?” asked Mike Holfeld.

“Well my dad-instinct says you never want to give up,” said Beary. “But by the way the evidence is looking, that’s probably what’s going to be how down the road.”

“She’s gone?” Holfeld asked.

“She’s gone,” Beary said. “Everyday that passes, everything in your gut instinct tells you we’re not going to find that child, at least not alive.”

Speaking of the evidence they have including the traces of chloroform and DNA pointing to a body in the vehicle and also the hair that was found in the trunk, “You know, we know that something’s wrong, We know something happened and that’s why we are still building the evidential case for the future.”

He said that the evidence they have now could play a criminal court showdown with Casey according to Holfeld’s report.

“Is it possible, speaking of the future that we could see here brought to justice without a body being found?” asked Holfeld.

“Well, Florida has laws on the books like that,” answered Beary. “I think before anybody does anything, the state attorney, the sheriff’s office, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the FBI will make sure that if that is the scenario, we will have all our ducks in a row for a good solid case.”

Beary also said that additional evidence is coming in but he has asked that the investigators not brief him about it until they are ready to release it. He said too that he is hopeful that the case will come to a close before he leaves office in less than three months.

Meanwhile Texas Equusearch could possibly be returning to Orlando to start the search for Caylee again soon. Mandy Albritton said they will be working on a case in North Carolina and they plan to return to Orlando after that. Kevin Beary has made it pretty clear that he would really like it if they would come back and resume their search.

I hope they do return because I think if anyone can find Caylee they can if they can only get the right support. That trust fund the Anthony’s have going to help find Caylee should be going to Equusearch to help the financially to do the search. Of course though, that is my own opinion.

I just wish Caylee Anthony would be found so she can be at peace herself. This is all about Caylee, not her selfish mother who refuses to tell the police anything about where she is because as in her own lawyer’s words, “It is not in my clients best interest to tell what she knows.”

That statement alone makes me sick to my stomach to be honest. All this time all we have heard was how much Casey really loved her daughter and how much she wanted her to be found. Well this doesn’t sound to me like a mother that is worried about her daughter. It sounds to me like this is proof that she is only worried about saving her own butt and the hell with what happened to Caylee now.

Caylee the world has not forgotten you and we all love you. May God be with you sweetie.

Jan Barrett

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