Yesterday I received an interesting police transcript. It is an interview conducted in late February with River Cruz’s sister Cecila Benaida. Having read the 44 page transcript the phrase ‘Its a small world’ pops into my mind.

I am sure that the question you are asking yourself is what possible reason could law enforcement have to talk to this woman about? Actually there are some very compelling reasons.

Cecila Benaida was incarcerated in the same facility as Casey Anthony for 5 months. She was a Trustee and part of her functions were delivering meals, cleaning cells etc. During this time she befriended Casey Anthony and acted as mail carrier. She was the ‘postal worker’ for some of those illicit jail letters that surfaced not long ago.

Upon her release she discovered that her sister River Cruz had become friends with George Anthony. While this interview does not mention the word ‘affair’ it does indicate that this friendship was more than just casual acquaintances saying hi on the street.

Cecila Benaida tells the police that she and her sister visited the Anthony home on several occasions. And she points out that during those visits she sensed a rather strained situation between Cindy Anthony and River Cruz.

Cecila Benaida also claims that River admitted to her that George had visited her home on several occasions.

OK, great background information I here you say, but what’s this got to do with anything? The crux of the matter is not what was said but what was not said.

The Anthony’s had been told that Cecila Benaida had had contact with Casey while in jail. Yet at no point did they ask about their daughter. To the best of everyone’s knowledge they have not visited Casey in months. Are they in some sort of denial? Are they pretending that Casey does not exist?

I have read thousands of pages of transcripts, so many I think I have worn out my glasses. I have noticed that Yuri Melich and his team have a very clear style. This one is no exception, these folks know how to mount a fishing expedition.

Other interesting background information contained in the interview was that during her many quick chats with Casey, at no time did she talk about Caylee Anthony.There was also a change in Casey’s demeanor after the body had been found.

Yuri Melich and his team are also very good at throwing in the occasional curve ball, you never know what might happen. My favorite in this interview was “Did Casey ever talk about her lawyer’. Now I may be adding 2+2 and getting 5, but in my mind that was a very good one liner to throw in.

I am waiting on conformation that this transcript can be published as it did not come through the normal channels and I certainly do not want to get a nasty phone call from FDLE. Assuming that I do receive the green light I will publish it on this article later today.

UPDATE: The transcript is in the wild, you can read it here.

Simon Barrett

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