More evidence was released by prosecutors yesterday in the case against little Caylee Anthony’s Mom. Caylee’s remains were found on December 11, 2008 after a wide search was held looking for her since mid July. The child was reportedly last seen in mid June when her mother claims she dropped her off with a so called baby sitter and she never saw her again.

Instead of reporting the child missing dear Mom decides to do her own investigating looking in places she thought the baby sitter might be like night clubs, while partying with her friends (Casey’s friends though NOT the babysitters) and Target Stores, and Blockbusters and apparently even a tattoo parlor. I suppose Casey had to get a tattoo in order to get information about the baby sitter instead of flashing a 50 dollar bill or a 100 dollar bill at the guy for any information he might have on the whereabouts of her daughter. Sorry I am not buying these excuses and I seriously doubt many people will.

Casey was indicted by the Florida Grand Jury and has been in jail ever since being held without bond on charges of first degree murder and the state is asking for the death penalty. Now the defense is claiming that they have evidence to prove Casey didn’t kill her daughter but instead of coming forth with such evidence which they clearly state can clear their client, her attorney, Jose (Bozo) Baez claims she wants her day in court so she is going to continue sitting in jail until her court date comes which I believe is sometimes in June or July of 2010. OK so this is another one I am not buying unless sitting in jail is that much better than living with George and Cindy Anthony, which well I might be able to buy that one.

Including in the new evidence yesterday was dozens of pictures taken from where Caylee’s remains were found. There was also some DNA analysis results released too.

Documents released say that a Gatorade Cool Blue Sports bottle was found near Caylee’s remains. A plastic bag labeled “Disposable Syringe Kit” with a syringe was found inside the bottle. There were some traces of chloroform found inside the syringe along with testosterone, ethanol and water.

A photo of the tattoo that Casey Anthony has on her back shoulder which says “Bella Vita” which when translated into English it means “Beautiful Life”, was released along with an explanation of what the prosecution had to go through in order to get this photo. Casey got the tattoo after she claims Caylee went missing but before she reported it to anyone, which for the record she never did herself personally. Her mother, Cindy did so.

Also a report was released from an insect expert that found what they called “coffin flies” in a bag of trash found in the trunk of Casey’s car. Forensic expert, Shelley Shaffer says, “Those bugs attract to decomposing any kind of animal flesh or human flesh.” This leaves investigators to believe that something dead was likely removed from the trunk of the car between June 20th and June 27th of last year and put somewhere else after it had started the decomposing stage. The same type of bugs was found near Caylee’s remains.

Now I have to admit I am not even close to being a fan of the National Enquirer Magazine but I must say I ran across something I found interesting of something they are reporting. Now this may not be true but then again knowing Casey Anthony I wouldn’t be surprised. At any rate they are claiming that when Casey got news of the upcoming play created by Steven Soderbergh titled “Tot Mom” that is scheduled to run from December 18, 2009 through January 31, 2010 in Australia, her response was, “Are you (expletive) kidding me? You get my (expletive) lawyer, now!”

An inmate supposedly told the Enquirer, “Casey was completely out of control after hearing about the play. She was screaming so loud that a guard threatened to lock her in an isolation unit. She demanded that guards contact her attorney, Jose Baez.”

Now one could ask, was this response a rage from knowing she was not going to get a penny from royalties from the play which is based on official documents and coverage of the case or because they aren’t siding with her perhaps? Who knows what goes through this woman’s head.

Let’s hope this puts a stop to Baez’s motion yet again to get this thrown out on his client which he claims her indictment was unconstitutionally vague. I have to ask all the time how can any attorney on the so called wannabe dream team of Casey Anthony, sleep at night knowing they are defending this woman. My conscience would not let me sleep if I knew I was working day and night to defend a cold blooded murderer.

In closing I would like to ask everyone to say a special thanks to God for answering our prayers for bringing little Shannon Dedrick back safe and healthy. She still needs our prayers that she will be given the chance to be with someone that can give her a normal life and a safe one.

Please continue praying for all the others that are still lost that need to be found and for those that have been taken from us. Pray that those will soon get the justice that they deserve.

For those that know me and read my articles, you know I have to name the list of children I have that we at BNN have reported on just to keep their names in print in hopes that it will keep them from being forgotten.

Caylee Anthony, Adji Desir, Haleigh Cummings, Somer Thompson, Elizabeth Olten, Masaraha Ross, Alex Mercado and Rebecca Marie Allen. They all need our prayers. God bless you all that care.

Jan Barrett

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