Today 311 more pages of documents were released giving details of what was found at the crime scene where little Caylee Marie Anthony’s remains were found in December. Caylee disappeared sometime in mid June and wasn’t reported missing until July 15 when her grandmother, Cindy Anthony called 911. Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony is being held in jail on charges of first degree murder of her little two year old daughter.

It appears that little Caylee was placed in a cloth laundry bag and then put into a black plastic garbage bag before she was put in the wooded area where her remains were found. How heartless can anyone be?

It is also said that her mouth was covered with the silver duct tape that also had a heart shaped sticker placed on it. Both ends of the duct tape were stuck to Caylee’s hair and her hair had to be cut to separate it.  A Winnie the Pooh blanket, several iron on letters and a toy horse was in the laundry bag with her body. They also report that inside the bag were a size three toddler shirt, and a small pair of white shorts with vertical stripes. There was a backpack with the word ‘adorable’ on it and pull-ups with a flower design on them. A stainless steel knife was also found.

Some of the documents also say that they seized sticker books and scrapbook material from the Anthony’s home along with some other toys that seem match the ones found with her body. They took Casey Anthony’s shoes and small plastic toy horses which were similar to the one found at the crime scene.

During the search of the home they took Winnie the Pooh clothing, garbage bags, adhesive tape and the packaging, chemical components, recipes and containers to make chloroform, baby medication, diapers and pull-up pants, cell phones, tooth brushes and hairbrushes. This time they took everyone’s hairbrushes and toothbrushes, not just Caylee’s according to

Ricardo Morales, an ex boyfriend of Casey’s, told investigators in a supplemental report that Casey once joked with him about giving Caylee baby medicine putting her to sleep. They found a photo with the caption “win her over with chloroform” on Morales MySpace page. He claims he never did it but thought the picture was funny so he posted it on his page last year. He claims he never talked to Casey about chloroform although he did admit that she did have access to his computer and she could have seen it there.

You can find a copy of the documents if you go to

I wonder what will happen next in this case. I have to say that I don’t know how anyone can be so heartless. Killing an adult that can fight back is bad but to take an innocent defenseless child like Caylee and to do this to her and kill her is more than just sick. I just can’t imagine what this child was thinking when this was going on. She must be looking down and asking what did she do to deserve this. I will answer that for her and I never have met these people. Caylee you did absolutely nothing wrong. You are the one that is innocent in this whole case. We are all praying that justice for you will eventually be served and then you will be able to rest in peace. God bless you sweetie!

Jan Barrett

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