Jose Baez has been championing for months that his client Casey Anthony cannot get a fair trial in Orange County. He maintains that the local press, and indeed the national press have vilified his ‘innocent’ client Casey, that she has no chance of obtaining a fair trial in Orange County. Um, well, if she is innocent as Jose keeps pointing out, the truth will come out in the court room. That is the way it is supposed to work, right?

I found the exhibits to the motion to move venue quite interesting.

Jose points out:

The media coverage in this coverage warrants a change of venue. Not only has the pre trial publicity been extensive, it has been highly inflammatory and prejudicial to Miss Anthony. See, e.g. Exhibit E.

Oops, Exhibit E again:

The reporting in this case has been inflammatory, emotional and inaccurate, which distinguishes it from the reporting of “straight facts” in cases in which a change of venue was not required. See, e.g., Exhibit E; Exhibit F. Even when these stories “report” on newly released “facts” they take information out of context and use inflammatory language so as to strongly suggest Miss Anthony’s guilt. There has been a tremendous amount of prejudicial and inflammatory editorializing in this case. Id..

Exhibit E is suddenly catching my attention. What is in this amazing Exhibit E? It took a little time to track it down, but it is delightfully misleading. The fabled Exhibit E contains some of the online news stories, even better some of the comments that readers left.

I have hosted the document here, for your reading pleasure. Even BNN gets a mention (page 56), of course Jose Baez does not include the entire article, and page 57 includes a snippet of some of the comments that people left. (A big thanks to Frogs for finding the link, You saved Jan and I a lot of time).

My question is why was only the first part of the story included? And why only a very small part of the comments included?

Actually this was one of Jan’s more tame articles on Jose Baez and Casey Anthony. So why use it? Poor investigators and researchers are the answer. Any PI worth his salt could have found a more inflammatory story, but, there again, it is now part of the court records, maybe it is better for Jose that he picked one of our lighter stories.

And as the editors for BNN both Jan and I will make an open offer to Jose, if you need more articles, we will be happy to send the links to you. But, we do ask that you use the entire article!

As to the move of venue, have you considered Outer Mongolia. I hear it is quite nice in the summer.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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