Caylee Anthony disappeared in mid June but wasn’t reported missing for 31 days. Her mother Casey Anthony claims she was kidnapped by the nanny but authorities say no such nanny exists. Casey has been arrested and held in jail on first degree murder charges.

Now while Casey sits in jail, having her meals cooked for her, her bathrooms cleaned for her, her bed linen washed for her and her funds building up while she sits there, everyone on the outside is trying to put the pieces of this puzzle into place. I somehow find it hard to believe that someone would actually think Casey wasn’t guilty by now but that it my opinion of course. I say she is and there is no doubt in my mind. But the question is did she do this all by herself.

I think she killed the baby and then when she realized what she did she got scared and went to the ones that were always there to get her out of trouble, her family. I am in no way saying that I think anyone was involved with the murder of this precious child other than Casey herself but I do have to wonder about the others. I have always felt that her brother Lee helped in some way or another and then eventually the parents were let in on their little secret and all agreed to keep it within their little family. George Anthony once described their family by holding his hand up naming each finger as one of them including little Caylee.

Now I hear that the authorities are planning on questioning Lee Anthony more about what he knew about Caylee’s disappearance and they want to know when he got the information he has. It was reported by WESH2 that a source close to the investigation said, “We kind of treat him separately. He knows what he has done.”

Now I am not so dumb that I can’t read the message there as to it meaning that dear brother Lee must know something he hasn’t told before. No wonder his attorney was saying a few weeks back that he would be asking for immunity. According to the Anthony’s attorney, Brad Conway, Lee is not seeking immunity though because he and his family are unclear as to why he would need it. Yeah RIGHT!

Also new in the case is where Casey’s ‘dream team’ has filed a motion in court asking why one of Casey’s ex-boyfriends, Ricardo Morales, posted a picture on his MySpace page with a caption that made a reference to ‘chloroform’. I guess they are going to try to link him to being the one responsible for searching for ‘chloroform’ on Casey’s computer at her home even though Morales has been questioned by detectives twice before this. Oh yeah well I forgot everyone is guilty EXCEPT for Casey, according to the Anthony’s and Casey’s lawyer.

Now the big scare over the weekend was concerns that Caylee’s grandfather, George Anthony had attempted to commit suicide. Cindy along with her attorney didn’t waste anytime calling 911 to report him missing. It is a shame they didn’t act so fast when Caylee came up missing. Now miraculously George suddenly is being reported as having a new will to live. I must admit that hospital he was brought to must have worked miracles on him to have him change his mind so fast about wanting to live. I will have to be sure to remember this so I can send anyone I might run across that is suicidal there. This place performs miracles apparently.

There was a so called suicide note found after authorities found George. According to Police Chief from Daytona Beach Michael Chitwood, “It was suggested that he wanted to be with Caylee. You know, leave this earth and go to the next life to be with Caylee, with God.”

Conway seems to think part of the problem is that they haven’t been able to lay little Caylee down to rest yet so the family hasn’t been able to get any closure. Well duh! Whose fault is that? My guess would be his little princess’s, Casey.

“In our culture burying you loved one is one of the biggest steps towards healing and they have not been able to do that,” said Brad Conway. “They need to take that step.”

I understand that it is not George and Cindy Anthony holding this child’s funeral up but any other time Cindy Anthony pushes the buttons until she gets what she wants so how come she doesn’t push Casey’s buttons and Casey’s low life lawyer’s buttons and make them release this baby so she can be buried.

This is the one thing that I do agree with Conway about concerning this case. This child needs to be buried properly. She deserves better than to be placed in a box and held on the side waiting for the low life to do what he is stalling to do. I had very little respect for the man before this but now I know now I have absolutely none. How can anyone respect someone that would hold back a child’s remains just because he is grasping at straws trying to put together a defense for his client?

Little Caylee needs to be respected more by giving her this decent funeral. For once in your life Jose Baez, do the right thing and let the grandparents have this baby so they can do this for this precious child. Caylee we love you sweetie and God bless you for all you have been through.

Jan Barrett

Oh and everyone be sure to watch Headline News tonight. Our own friend Sean Krause will be a guest on Jane Velez Mitchell’s show Issues. I think it comes on at 7 pm EST just before Nancy Grace’s Show.

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