Well we all know the story. Poor little Caylee Anthony  went missing and for 31 days her mother claims she was doing her own investigation looking for her daughter so she didn’t think she needed the help of the cops. She searched high and low for her daughter. She went to places like Target and Blockbuster. She searched all the places she thought she might be including her favorite night clubs. I guess she got felt the need to join her friends to party while there so she could cover up the fact that her little 2 year old daughter was out there all alone lost or better yet kidnapped by her Nanny who threatened to kill Caylee if Casey called the police.

Well the story gets even deeper as time goes by. Casey ended up abandoning her own car because she said that two dead squirrel’s crawled up under her car causing this horrible odor that smelled like death. Personally I didn’t think a squirrel could crawl anywhere if it was dead, but if we did what the Anthony’s and Casey’s lawyer wants us to do we would all believe what Casey says as the truth and nothing but the truth.

After Casey couldn’t show Cindy Anthony, Casey’s mother, where Caylee was Cindy made her infamous 911 phone call and reported the car stolen, then her granddaughter missing saying there is something terribly wrong there because it smelled like there was a dead body in the damn car.

Well as the evidence built up eventually it all pointed at Casey so they arrested Casey for child neglect and criminal obstruction for allegedly lying to authorities. She was held under a $500,000 bond which they tried to get reduced to $10,000 but the judge refused.

Along came her hero Leonard Padilla. Now he claimed he thought Casey deserved a chance to get out and he was lead to believe that if he bailed her out she would help him find Caylee. The California Bounty Hunter made the arrangements and made headline news when he bailed her out. As soon as they get her home and he finally got to talk to her she attempted to tell him about the kidnapping story which he claims he cut her off and told her he didn’t want to hear that crap. She got mad and threw him out of the home. Padilla was accused by many to only be there for fame and fortune to boost his TV show but he seemed to have made a few enemies by bailing Casey out of jail.

Now Casey’s attorney Jose Baez is the one to focus on here. We hear him whining in courts especially now that a Florida Grand Jury has handed down an indictment for Casey charging her with first degree murder and now she is no longer free. She is in jail and is being held without bond. A lot of Baez’s actions in this case seem a bit abnormal, for instance his constant hugging Casey or his arms around her. He was even told a few times in jail that he is not allowed any physical contact and he pretended not to know the rules saying he was sorry. What kind of lawyer doesn’t know the rules in a jail house? He cried about needing his laptop when visiting Casey in jail so they changed their rules for him so he would be allowed to bring his in.

He admits that he has instructed Casey not to say anything to anyone, to let him do the talking for her. Even in the last videos released of the jail visit with her parents she told them she wasn’t even suppose to be taking their visits but since Baez was in New York she did, which raises a question in my mind. During those taped visits, Cindy Anthony mentions to Casey that Jose was in New York. Casey dismisses the fact by telling her that she knew that. She told her mother that he was in New York on business for her. The key to that sentence would be FOR HER. Now what kind of business could this case possibly be if it was for her in New York City?

Now we are hearing different rumors about Mr. Baez possibly being up to no good. It is rumored that Baez might be seeking an entertainment deal contingent on the outcome of the Casey Anthony case. Now this type of behavior is completely against the Florida State Bar Association rules. In the case that these rumors are true this would be a huge conflict of interest in the case.

WFTV’s reporter Kathi Belich was on CNN’s Nancy Grace Show last night and she told Nancy that the rumors are that Baez is steering the case in a direction that would make a good story once it is over. She also indicated that there may have been a complaint to the prosecution’s office regarding these rumors. Nancy asked who could have filed the complaint Kathi said, “That’s unclear, I think people close to the Anthony family are concerned about that. I think there have been rumors flying about that and concerns flying about that for months. As I said, it seems to have risen to a level of complaint to prosecutors and they’re not, haven’t decided whether they will actually ask for a hearing so that everybody can get to the bottom of it.”

Of course Jose Baez and his members of the so called ‘Dream Team’ will  no doubt deny any of these allegations because if any of them are true it could very well end his career or could lead to more serious problems for him. Could this possibly be the ‘business’ Jose Baez was supposedly doing in New York for Casey? Could they both be working on this together in the event that she does get off the hook? This could be her way of paying his fees.

At any rate just knowing he will be watched from now on might crush any ideas of any deals he may have been working on now. Let’s hope so. The man irritates the hell out of me every time I even hear his voice. I pray to God he doesn’t get away with making a ton of money on this case at the taxpayers expenses.

Jan Barrett

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