I have been following this story from the beginning and I have seen hundreds, perhaps even thousands of different opinions about what might have happened to little Caylee Anthony.

Caylee has been missing since mid- June and thanks to her mother, Casey Anthony’s lies the exact date she went missing is really just a guess taken from the evidence pieced together by the police. Casey didn’t even bother to report her missing for 31 days and she only did it then because of her mother making the 911 call.

With all the evidence gathered, including the smell of death coming from Casey’s own car, tests taken on hair samples from the car, tests done from DNA air samples, and even the cadaver dogs picking up death the only conclusion short of the body would be to assume this precious little girl is no longer alive.

Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney says, as well as George and Cindy Anthony say, that when they are ready to talk everyone is going to be surprised and then they will understand what happened. Baez still insists along with the Anthony’s that Caylee is still alive somewhere.

An interview on CNN got the attention of interested parties across America when Jose Baez’s own spokesperson, Todd Black made a statement saying, “This is a very serious case involving not just the loss of the life of this little girl, but the loss of whatever is going to happen with Casey Anthony.”

This morning Todd Black made another statement in regards to the CNN Headline News interview. It was in a faxed press release starting with a “Thank You” in large font and then it says, “We have to thank the few, but very respected news people who understood the misuse of a ‘delayed’ telephone interview along with deceptive editing to PURPOSELY MISLEAD the public.”

The press release accuses CNN of releasing a “complete fraud and stooped to the lowest low, shamefully toying with the life of Casey Anthony, who sits falsely accused of murder.” Black claims the statement CNN aired was taken out of context and edited. Baez claims that jokes were being made about their case during the interview and that was what Black was referring to.

CNN completely denies this accusation saying there were no jokes being said. Mike Brooks, CNN’s law-enforcement analyst had made a comment about Cindy Anthony drinking the Casey Kool-aid. Also CNN says the interview had only been shortened for Wednesday’s show but Black’s quote aired just as he said it.

Black still denies ever saying that Caylee Anthony was now deceased. He says those that were professional enough to get a complete copy of the October 14th interview reported it fairly and truthfully. He claims that the rest of the media must have been drinking too much Palmetto Bug Punch.

When News 13 was doing a phone interview with Black he told them that his statement was in reference to the way the case was being talked about, and was taken completely out of context. When they tried to ask him further questions about it, he hung up on them.

Jose Baez defends Todd Black’s statement saying, “We believe Caylee is alive. For reports to be thrown out there that we think otherwise is just inaccurate and completely false.”

“The only reason I am here responding to this is because we have a missing child, and I don’t want anyone to stop looking for Caylee because they think that we think she’s deceased,” Baez said.

It sounds to me like someone is desperate to cover their mistakes. They don’t know how else to cover it other than to blame the media as usual. I am not a huge fan of CNN, in fact I don’t even like CNN but let’s face it, why would a network program that is famous worldwide risk their reputation just to hurt one Florida woman that has been proven to be a liar. I know news programs will do what they can to sell a story but I think this would be too big of a mistake for them to try in this case.

Casey has been arrested after the Grand Jury handed down an indictment against her for murder charges. She is scheduled to be arraigned for the first degree murder charge on October 28, at 8:45 am before Orange County Circuit Judge Stran Strickland.

Casey also has a pre-trial hearing scheduled for November 5 for the child neglect charges and for the check fraud charges which will also be heard by Judge Strickland.

Thursday night Caylee’s grandfather, George Anthony spoke exclusively to News 13 about the family’s plans now to try and find Caylee. They are still insisting that she is alive. Since they have been cleared by the judge to have access to all 5000 tips that the sheriff’s office has received they plan to start investigating them on their own.

Anthony says his family’s private investigator is looking into a few of the potential sightings of Caylee in several parts of the country. George says that she has been reported to be seen in 9 different places. In the video he was asked when he plans to start looking at some of these places himself. He told the reporter that he has been to some of these places already. I don’t know but as much as this family has been in the public eye and followed in their every move, you would think it would be known nationwide if George Anthony personally left the state of Florida to go anywhere and search for Caylee.

OK now I am sure I am going to get a few people mad about this but please remember that this is just my opinion. I know that since George Anthony testified before the grand jury, he has gained an awful lot of sympathy from the public. Suddenly everyone is feeling sorry for him, including myself. After watching this interview I am wondering if perhaps the defense has deliberately been using George Anthony now to get the public back on their side here. Yes I do see that he loves Caylee deeply, but this man is still in denial. He still wants desperately to believe in his daughter.

Another question I have is why are they waiting until now? I don’t believe for one minute that they have been out looking all this time. In fact as I have said several times before but when Cindy told everyone on camera to get off their asses and go out and find her granddaughter, I asked how come she didn’t get off hers and go look along with her daughter. It sure didn’t take Cindy long once Casey was behind bars to appear live on TV again either. If they want to blame the media for everything that has gone wrong in this case then why do they constantly appear on one of their camera’s.

I am sorry to say this but I honestly believe little Caylee is with the angels in heaven right now where she can never be hurt anymore. I can imagine her looking down with her beautiful eyes watching us all. I say my prayers for her every day and night and yes I do hope I am wrong about this. If by some miracle she is found alive, I still stand by what I said in the beginning, that I will be the first to admit I was wrong. God Bless you Caylee!

Jan Barrett

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