I find myself in a strange place, for almost three years my wife Jan and I have followed the Caylee Anthony story. In fact when the mainstream media lost interest BNN was one of the few sites that did not. Of course now that the trial of mother Casey Anthony is underway the press are so close to the story that the image of a bunch of dogs sniffing each others butts springs to mind.

The rationale is simple, if there is hoopla being generated by one network, every other network wants a piece of the advertising dollar.

I can not fault the media in wanting to cover this case. In fact a part of me hopes that as more people learn about Casey Anthony and her now dead child Caylee Anthony they may become more aware of what is happening potentially within their own social circle. Saving the life of one child would be a victory.

The subject of missing and abused children is a hard one to deal with. The press tends to run a mile unless the particular case has received coverage by another organization. It’s all about the ratings!

Even local media sometimes fail to pick up on some awful situation happening in their own back yard. A year or so ago Jan and I heard about an alleged child sexual abuse situation. The more we heard, the less we liked the situation.

It was a small town, and the local newspaper had published a very brief piece on the case. After several attempts we managed to get hold of the ‘reporter’ who was less than happy to talk to us. The case has local political ramifications, so we got the fabulous quote:

You have to remember that we have to live here, we work with the local police everyday

You can take that statement in many ways. I will not go further than to add that even in a small community it is hard to get these kinds of story out there.

There is no doubt that Caylee Anthony was a pretty little girl, there is little doubt in my mind that had mother Casey Anthony admitted defeat grand parents (flawed though the may be) George and Cindy Anthony would have willingly taken the child in, and she would be alive today. Do not get me wrong, it think that George and Cindy Anthony are Dysfunction Junction, but they would have provided a safe environment for Caylee.

Caylee is unfortunately now just a statistic. One more number added to an ever growing list.

I took a look at the past few articles that Jan has published.

North Carolina Man Stabs Wife, Then Runs Off With 5 Year Old Son

Two Children Mysteriously Disappears In Chicago Area

Another Innocent Child Falls Victim of Our Child Protection Services

No one has heard about these stories. And probably no one will. But you can rest assured that there are people who do care. People who have lost a loved one and want some answers. Is the press at fault? Possibly. Is society as a whole at fault? YES.

Is there a solution? Maybe.

However to make the solution work will require everyone to just be a little more vigilant. The saying goes, It takes a village to raise a child. But apparently it takes a city to kill one.

Simon Barrett

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