New documents were released today with some shocking news. OK well maybe only shocking to some not all. For months I have been saying Casey is guilty of killing her two year old daughter in mid-June and then didn’t even bother to report her missing for 31 days. I suppose she needed that long to come up with the perfect cover-up story like her daughter was kidnapped by the Nanny.

She claims she was afraid to but come on now, honestly does this look like a woman that scares easily. She is so sure of herself. She is so sure that her sleazebag lawyer is going to get her off of this that she just doesn’t care. The only time she seems to care about anything is when she thinks about herself and what she seems to be missing in life now. And I am not talking about missing her daughter either. I am talking about her night life, her partying, and her time in the spotlight, not to mention complete control over her parents and her brother.

In the documents that came out today there is evidence that ties the case directly to the Anthony home. Items like the same type of laundry bag that Caylee’s remains were inside of and the duct tape that was around Caylee’s little skull seems to match the duct tape found on George Anthony’s car that were once inside Casey’s trunk. There was also a plastic garbage bag that matched bags found in the Anthony home. Apparently reports that fingerprints were found on the duct tape were not true. They are claiming that no fingerprints were found.

There were pages of photographs of the crime scene and even interviews with one of Casey’s friends included in the documents that claims Casey once had an emotional breakdown and wanted to be committed. The little skull found didn’t have any flesh left on it but there was a lot of hair still present.

Detective Yuri Melich said, “I immediately noticed that there appeared to be a piece of silver dust tape across the mouth area of the skull. The tape appeared to have been purposely placed there.” How could any mother ever do this to a child let alone her own child? For the life in me I just can’t understand how she can do this and then show no emotions over it. I would be out of my mind by now.

“Evidence on the body suggests that the child’s death was not accidental but an intentional act,” said Detective Melich in a February 5th report.” As of this writing there is nothing to suggest that anyone but Casey Anthony is responsible for the death and disposal of Caylee Anthony.”

Another item found was a toddler-size pink T-shirt with the words “BIG TROUBLE” comes small” on it. WFTV points out a page from a journal was released also dated June 21 where Casey wrote, “This is the happiest I have been in a very long time. I hope that my happiness will continue to grow.” She also spoke about having no regrets but she was just a bit worried. She said she just wanted for everything to work out okay. She says she completely trusts her own judgment and knew that she made the right decision. She said she just hoped that the end will justify the means. She just wants to know what the future will hold for her. She says she guesses she will soon see.

Now to me this sounds pretty damaging but according to the TV Guy this piece of evidence suggests that Casey Anthony wrote these thoughts back in the year 2003. So I guess there is some questioning there.

So I guess really it depends on where you read the reports as to how we can interpret all this evidence. It is a huge mess if you ask me. This afternoon the defense team issued a statement in response to these new documents released. Their new spokeswoman, Marti Mackenzie stated in an email, “According to defense lawyers for Casey Anthony, The State’s forensic report on duct tape, plastic bags, and other items is a one sided law enforcement generated report and is biased and speculative. It uses junk science, the kind of flawed comparative analysis that the two year study by National Academy of Sciences released today”

A statement released from Linda Kenney Baden addressed the duct tape evidence detailed in the documents. “Not only is this brand of tape the most widely sold in the United States, the State is relying on comparative analysis just like comparisons exposed as flawed in the study of bullet lead in 2004. These chemical studies have put hundreds of innocent people in jail.”  Ummm I don’t know, maybe it is just me but this analysis of hers sounds to me like she didn’t know what to say about it so she came out with this crap.

The more I read the weaker my stomach gets. The only thing that is good in all of this is the fact that it looks like they just might have Casey Anthony where they want her and I pray it isn’t out free on the streets. This is a dangerous woman that needs to be behind bars for the rest of her life if she isn’t given the death penalty. I have no sympathy at all for her and I am sorry but I can’t have any sympathy for her family either since they chose to support her instead of standing up for Caylee when Caylee needed them the most.

God bless you Caylee. We love you and America will always be there to speak up for you.

Jan Barrett

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