Little Caylee Anthony, the 2 year old child that went missing in mid June but not reported gone until her grandmother out of a fit of anger with Caylee’s mother, Casey Anthony, made that infamous 911 call reporting her missing and also telling the 911 operator that Casey’s car smelled like a dead body had been in the damn car.

Casey claimed she had dropped Caylee off with the Nanny, Zenaida Gonzalez, on her way to work but when she went back to get her that evening after work Zenaida and Caylee was no where to be found. Casey claims she was doing her own investigation in finding her daughter but the thing is, by the time that infamous call to 911 was made it had been 31 days since Caylee was last seen. Well actually though in Casey’s mind it must have been even longer because she claimed at first that the last time she saw her daughter it was on June 9th which was later corrected when a photo proved she was with Casey’s grandfather for Father’s Day on June 15th When Cindy Anthony made the call Casey was begging her for one more day and she would have Caylee back.

After Casey lied and sent the Orange County investigators on several wild goose chases they arrested Casey who was later out on a $500,000 bond thanks to California Bounty Hunter, Leonard Padilla who was led to believe if he got her out that she would tell him how to find Caylee. He was convinced that little Caylee was alive and her mother was willing to help him get her back but it didn’t take him long to realize he had been used just to get her out from behind those bars that she couldn’t stand anymore. Casey didn’t help at all. In fact when he finally told her the Nanny story was crap and he didn’t want to hear that from her, he wanted the truth, she got mad and threw him out the house.

After evidence mounted up from the tests done on Casey’s car the prosecutors in the case presented what they had to a Florida Grand Jury who handed down an indictment on Casey Anthony for first degree murder with no bail set even without a body. When this was announced Casey shed tears which were supposedly for her daughter but was easily understood to be because she was going back behind bars. I wouldn’t be afraid to bet that I have shed more tears for this little girl than her own mother has and I never set eyes on this child except for the pictures that are plastered all over. Who couldn’t fall in love with this precious child?  I don’t understand how anyone could not want to be the mother of this child.

So the search went on for little Caylee. Tim Miller, from Texas Equusearch formed groups of volunteers and search all over areas that the Sheriff’s Department thought Caylee could possible have been put. A hurricane had hit Orlando about the same time Casey was arrested the first time and it brought in a lot of water. If you lived in the south and been through Hurricanes like I have you would understand the amount of water these storms pull in.

A wooded area not far from the Anthony’s home was flooded and filled with water so deep that Tim Miller claimed a four wheeler used for the search went into the area and it sank and ruined, it was that deep. Tim called off the search saying if they did search that area anymore they would risk someone stepping on or rolling over Caylee and burying her deeper into the muddy waters. They planned to return when the water was gone. When they did return Tim said the area was fenced off and they could not get in to search the right area.

Thursday, December 11th a meter reading man went into the same wooded area only intending to relieve himself when he spotted a dark black garbage bag and his curiosity got to him so he kicked it to see what it was and a human like skull rolled out. He and his supervisor called 911 and reported it. Apparently it was the skull of what appears to be that of a small child and now they truly believe that it is little Caylee. They say it had duct tape around her little head covering her mouth.

Michelle Bart said the Anthony family is suspicious of the circumstances leading to the findings. She says, “It’s been searched dry, it’s been searched wet, it’s been searched in between. It’s been searched over by Tim Miller (of Texas Equusearch) twice, who we hold high regards with his professional organization.” But according to Tim Miller’s statement on CNN’s Nancy Grace’s show this is not true and personally I believe him more than I do this Michelle Bart.

Investigators are searching the area thoroughly for all evidence they can find. They are finding other little bones they believe to have been carried away by animals once the bag surfaced. There are claims that bits of flesh and hair was still attached in the area with the duct tape on the skull. Word is that the hair found was long light colored hair matching the color of Caylee’s hair.

Casey Anthony’s defense team requested an emergency hearing yesterday for the judge to rule on three motions filed by Jose Baez.. Judge Stan Strickland denied all three motions. Baez was asking the courts to turn over photographs, video recordings and drawings taken at the crime scene where the child’s remains were found.

In a second motion they asked to be allowed to conduct a second autopsy on the remains and in the final motion they were seeking to preserve forensic evidence and appoint a forensic expert for the court. Judge Strickland told them, “I can’t assist you in interfering with a murder investigation.” He did however say he would consider the second autopsy after the remains are positively identified.

The FBI got fingerprints from George, Cindy and Lee Anthony which according to the Anthony’s lawyer, Brad Conway it was only to exclude them from the investigation. He says that the Anthony’s do continue supporting their daughter. “Everybody wants to make sure that there are no mistakes made. Everybody wants to make sure that the person responsible for this crime is held responsible for it and if that happens to be Casey Anthony, a jury of her peers will have to make that decision,” said Conway.

It is being said that the Anthony’s will be asking for immunity in all of this saying they know they have told conflicting stories but they agree that it won’t happen again. They say there will be no more conflicting stories. I guess not, they have had all this time in seclusion to practice what they want to tell the authorities to make sure they both tell the same story. I don’t think they deserve immunity anyway. They will only tell more lies. They will never turn on their daughter and I honestly think Cindy Anthony would commit perjury in order to protect her daughter. If push came to shove she would probably take the blame to free her daughter. This is what most mothers would do for their children with the exception of mothers like Casey Anthony, who thought her partying lifestyle was more important than the life of her own daughter.

Once a positive identification has been made and if they say for sure this child is the remains of Caylee Anthony, I am sure what we will all hear is that the Nanny did it, not Casey. We have all figured that anyway. I am sure they have practiced this story over and over to where they actually believe it themselves. I hope they have found concrete evidence that Casey did this so she will be put away for life without benefit of parole or being with another man. I stated in my last article she should have wallpaper on the walls in her cell with Caylee’s picture all over and a recording of Caylee singing “You are my sunshine” but someone else came up with a better idea. They suggested she hears the sound of a man wanting to have sex, and torture her knowing she will never have sex with another man again. That would bother her more than hearing her daughter’s voice.

Well I still pray for Caylee. I hope if she did die that she didn’t have to suffer for long. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I think about this little girl being duct taped to keep quiet before her death. How could anyone be that cruel? I will never understand that.

Caylee my tears are for you sweetheart, mine and everyone other mother that grieves for you on this planet. We all love you and we are all praying for you. God bless you sweetie!

Jan Barrett

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