Last night’s Bombshell News on Headline News, Nancy Grace Show was that the autopsy of little Caylee Anthony has finally been performed. Dr. Henry Lee confirmed the information to Nancy Grace but not only was this a surprise but he said it had been done 5 or 6 days ago.

OK we have been hearing that a funeral for little Caylee has not been scheduled because they are waiting on the second autopsy. Now it has been confirmed that it has been done that long ago, how come this baby is still in a box waiting to be laid to rest.

This really bothers me. I know I am just another American mother and grandmother that has gotten so close to this case and that I have no say so about what they do with this baby now but how can anyone let this go on. How can they put off burying this child?

Who is responsible for this? Is it Casey or Jose Baez or the Anthony’s trying to buy time hoping that they will be granted immunity? Any decent parent would want their child or grandchild to be put in a resting place right away.

This case gets stranger and stranger as each days goes by.

Today there are two hearings being held. Arguments are to be heard over whether Casey Anthony can be deposed from jail for a civil lawsuit. Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez has filed a defamation lawsuit against Casey Anthony saying Casey falsely identified her as the Nanny that took off with Caylee in mid June. Baez had asked the courts to delay this. Judge Jose Rodriguez told both attorneys that personal attacks in court documents wouldn’t be tolerated and the motion that was filed Tuesday for the hearing then was not appropriate. He told them that the matter needed to be handled in a formal courtroom and refused to hold the hearing Tuesday.

The second hearing will be for Baez to do some more whining to the courts about prosecutors handing over to them photographs, x-rays and other items being used as evidence that are from Caylee’s autopsy.

Apparently Cindy and George Anthony want access to the images of the remains to be limited. Brad Conway, attorney for the Anthony’s said, “The Anthony’s do not want anyone besides the state, the medical examiner’s office and the defense to see them, period.”

Prosecution has filed a motion to withhold three discs of Caylee’s remains. The reasons are to try and prevent any of her remains to be sold for publication and anyone to make a profit on them. The state claims that a substantial about of money was paid for pictures and a video of Caylee that was taken while she was alive and this is why they are asking the judge to put some restrictions on the images before Jose Baez gets his hands on them.

The hearing has been scheduled today at 1:30 pm before Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland at the Orange County Courthouse. This should be interesting to hear the results.

Jan Barrett

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