Can today be the day that the missing Caylee Anthony can be no longer considered missing? Little Caylee was last seen in mid June when her mother, Casey Anthony claims she dropped Caylee off at the Nanny’s on her way to work but when she returned later after work, the Nanny and Caylee were no where to be found.

Casey didn’t report Caylee missing for 31 days claiming it was because she was doing her own investigation looking for her daughter. She apparently was looking in obvious places, such as bars and nightclubs where she claimed she knew the Nanny, who was according to Casey, Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, hung out. Poor Casey was so stressed out that she moved in with her boyfriend that same night and they even were seen on surveillance videos from Blockbusters renting movies that first night.

It was discovered quickly that Casey had been lying to the detectives giving them the run around and sending them on wild goose chases. Now Casey’s parent’s George and Cindy Anthony want us to believe that their precious daughter is innocent and she was a good mother, in fact Cindy claims that Casey was such a good mother that she would deserve the “Mother of the Year” award. Well this “Good Mother” is now sitting in jail with no bond, and being held on charges of murder in the first degree after an indictment was handed down from a grand jury.

This morning a meter reader in Orlando reported finding what investigators believe to be human remains in a plastic bag with duct tape. Reports are that they were found at the intersection of Suburban Drive and Chickasaw which is less than a half a mile from George and Cindy Anthony’s home.

The Criminal Report Daily said a spokesman representing Texas Equusearch said the area where the remains were found could not be reached when they searched for Caylee the first time because of the high waters and when they were there the second time the area was fenced off preventing them from searching there that time.

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch seems to be convinced in his mind that the remains are indeed that of little Caylee. “My prayers go out to the family of the deceased child,” Miller told the Investigation Discovery. “I hope they can now come to peace and begin to put back together the pieces of their shattered lives.”

The water meter reader said when he picked up the bag a small skull rolled out and he said he believes that it resembled that of a little girl. It was reported that the duct tape was around the mouth area of the skull.
Captain Angelo Nieves wouldn’t say if the bones seemed to be that of Caylee Anthony. “At this point it would be reckless to conclude that,” Nieves told Fox News. “We do have skeletal remains consistent with a small child. We will work with the medical examiner to make a proper identification.”

Orange County Sheriff Kevin Beary said the remains will be sent to the FBI lab at Quantico, Virginia. The agency told its lab analysts that the case is top priority. The Sheriff said, “If they have to work through the weekend, they’sll work through the weekend.”

“Bottom line, it’s real simple folks,” said Beary. “We’ve recovered this human skull and now the investigation continues. We’ve got a lot of lab work to do, a lot of DNA work to do, a lot of crime scene work to do. We could be here all night.” Beary also added that no clothes were found with the remains.

This morning Jose Baez appeared in front of 9th Circuit Judge Stan Strickland and asked for a postponement for the trial which was originally set for January 5th. Baez whined about not receiving all the evidence that he was due from the prosecutors so therefore he wasn’t ready to proceed on that date.

Hell if Baez would have bothered to go pick up all the evidence he requested he would have had time to do what he had to do so he could be ready. He asked Judge Strickland if he would delay the trial until March. Judge Strickland decided to schedule a hearing for January 15th to consider a new trial date as well as a change of venue.

I wonder what Baez is thinking now since the discovery of a child’s remains has been found this morning. Better yet I would love to know what is going through Casey’s mind right now. I am sure she is preparing her next lie, like how the babysitter must have killed her little girl. I wonder if she will shed tears now. I can just picture Jose Baez running to the Orange County jail to hold Casey close to him to comfort her in her sorrow.

During a press conference this morning they announced that George and Cindy Anthony have been notified of the discovery this morning. They are warning protesters not to even think about going to the Anthony’s home to start any trouble because right now they have secured the Anthony home as a possible additional crime scene. They are securing the area where the remains have been found also and the sheriff is warning people if they try sneaking in they will be arrested. He said time is on their side in this so they plan on going by the book with it.

One amazing thing that was reported on CNN just a few minutes ago is that the garbage bag that these remains have been found in could tell investigators a lot. Wouldn’t that be amazing if this particular bag was traced back to identical garbage bags used in the Anthony home or perhaps identical to the garbage bag found in the back of Casey’s car?

I have been sitting on pins and needles since I first heard about this breaking news this morning and have kept my TV on CNN all day. I normally do a soap opera update but I missed that this morning again because I was afraid I would miss hearing something about this case. I plan on staying glued to my TV and I will keep you all updated as much as I can.

God Bless you Caylee. We all love you sweetheart!

Jan Barrett

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