Thursday proved to be a very busy day for some and a very tense day for others. Thousands of people stood by all day today praying that the divers that Leonard Padilla, the California Bounty Hunter, hired to search in the Little Econ River in Orlando Florida for the little girl that has captured the hearts of thousands of people from across the world, Caylee Marie Anthony. Caylee has been missing since mid-June. Her mother Casey Anthony is sitting in the Orange County Jail right now being held without bail on first degree murder charges along with several others too.

Casey’s first mistake was not reporting her daughter missing to the police until she has been gone for 31 days and even then she didn’t actually do it, her mother Cindy Anthony did. Cindy called 911 and reported her car stolen and then she said the car was found and it smelled like a dead body in the damn car. She has since changed her story to the smell being from old pizza that was left in the car.

Casey’s second mistake was her lies to the investigators when they checked out her story. It was proven to be lie after lie over and over again. Eventually the evidence was building up against her which convinced a grand jury to hand down an indictment against Casey for murder in the first degree which is why she is in jail right now.

Oh Casey has made mistake after mistake from the beginning though. She told police she didn’t report Caylee missing because she decided to look for her on her own. She claims she looked for her daughter in places where she thought perhaps the Nanny use to hang out. The so called Nanny is who she claims took little Caylee.

We are supposed to believe that she searched for Caylee in nightclubs too, where photos appeared of her dancing wildly on a pole with another female friend of hers. She was seen in other photos partying having lots of fun while she was supposed to be out looking for her two year old daughter on her own instead of calling the police. A video has also come into evidence of Casey with her then boyfriend going into Blockbusters to rent two movies the same night that Caylee was supposedly last seen, but Casey’s own words.

Now Leonard Padilla has decided to use his own money after Texas Equusearch pulled out of Orlando closing down their search for Caylee because Padilla feels in his heart that Caylee is dead and she is somewhere in this river. Padilla thought it was only right to hold a prayer Vigil for Caylee by the river Tuesday morning but of course the Anthony’s objected highly over this and she even threatened to sue him over it. Padilla held the vigil anyway which I thought was very touching. He gave the FBI evidence that proves Caylee’s body had been dumped there in the river but he refused to give details of what evidence that might be.

This morning Leonard and his dive team arrived at Blanchard Park to start the search underwater for Caylee despite the criticism from people like Tim Miller saying Caylee is not in that River. Padilla had that gut feeling that she is so he stuck to his word and didn’t leave town yet.

The dive team that were searching say that they did locate a plastic bag that was tied down with bricks with what seems to be bone fragments in it. A second bag with stuffed animals was also found. FBI agents and the Orange County Sheriff’s office arrived on the scene to go through what the divers found. The Sheriff’s office is saying that the items found are not significant to the case and no divers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office will be sent to the area to search more.

One of the divers, Todd Bosinski said that they did find a bag that seemed to have bone fragments in it but he wouldn’t say if they were human bones or animals.

Padilla has hired 30 to 40 divers from the Black Water Divers. They have about 5 divers in the water at a time looking for whatever signs they can of little Caylee. They say the areas they are searching are very dark but they say they are going to search until they find Caylee.

Tim Miller appeared on the Nancy Grace Show tonight and was trying to discredit Leonard Padilla claiming he knew exactly what was going to happen today. He told Nancy that he scanned that area and there was nothing there. He didn’t say it outright but it was as though he was accusing someone of planting what was found today. Besides I thought he didn’t want to go back on Nancy Grace’s Show anymore.

Also another thing that caught my attention on Nancy’s Show was someone saying that Casey actually was watching the search on TV from the Orange County Jail and before it was announced that the find had no relevance to the case she turned around and walked back into her cell without any reaction at all. No emotions or anything. I would say that would be strange from a mother that Cindy Anthony just this week said on the Good Morning America Show that Casey was grieving for her daughter.

Cindy Anthony of course makes her appearance in front of the cameras again today saying she got another tip today telling them that Caylee was spotted so until the authorities go to her with proof that Caylee is dead she will stay with her thoughts that she is still alive. Cindy and George are scheduled to be on Nancy Grace tomorrow night. That should be a good one to see.

I guess we have no choice but to wait and see what happens next. In my opinion I think Leonard Padilla is getting the bad rap here for what he is doing. So what if he is doing this to become famous. At least he is doing it with his own money. At least he isn’t like the Anthony’s and spending money that has been donated to them for the search that seems senseless.

I will stay as close to this story as I can and as soon as I know something I will let you all know it too. In the meantime please remember to say that prayer for Caylee and all the other missing children in the world. God bless each and every one of them.

Jan Barrett

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