Today apparently WFTV-Channel 9 out of Orlando’s Kathi Belich reported that Jose Baez, Casey Anthony’s attorney is on the prosecutions witness list.

WFTV’s legal analyst, William Sheaffer said that any conversations Jose Baez had with Casey or any member of her family would not be considered privileged information if there was a third party present that was not officially a part of the defense team so he could be called to testify about those specific conversations.

Their analyst also said that it is very rare to have an attorney from the defense team called in as a witness like this. Sheaffer told Eyewitness news that it is unusual for an attorney to stay on a case if they will be called to testify either for the defense or the prosecution. The state ethics laws include protocol for such situations.

They are claiming that also on the witness list is Casey’s grandmother, the one that Casey is being accused of stealing money from, her ex boyfriends which includes Jesse Grund, ex-friends including Amy Huizenga along with some of the sheriff’s office investigators. There are also reports out that the prosecutors are seeking transcripts from three of CNN’s Nancy Grace’s Show according to Kathi Belich.

WESH-Channel 2 offered dramatic footage of Zenaida Gonzalez’s attorney, John Morgan answering Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s mother. Cindy Anthony has called Morgan an ambulance chaser. Zenaida has filed a suit against Casey Anthony for defamation saying Casey ruined her life when she publicly named her as the babysitter that she last saw her daughter, Caylee with. Casey has now filed a counter suit which might very well be a huge mistake on her part saying this is not the same Zenaida. Morgan’s response to Cindy Anthony in regards to being called an ambulance chaser was, “Be careful when she calls me an ambulance chaser because she may have repeated this same slander and she may find the ambulance chaser turning his Howitzer in a different direction, and it may be in her direction.

Hmmm looks like Cindy Anthony better let that new spokesperson they hired, Michelle Bart earn her pay by letting her do all the talking from now on. Somehow I don’t see that happening though. Cindy doesn’t know how to keep quiet. Besides the way I see it, the whole Anthony family thinks they are untouchable and none of them seem to think they have to follow the law yet they expect everyone else to. I suppose when it comes out that their brat killed that precious little girl, they will say she shouldn’t have to do time for it because they are sure she is sorry and won’t do it again, IF they ever admit she actually did it.

Meanwhile Leonard Padilla seems to have been made an offer that he is considering taking that would help out with the financing of the search for Caylee. He says he has been contacted by a production company out of California that is willing to fork out $200,000 for a two month search effort in looking for Caylee if he will let them exclusively film the search. He hasn’t accepted the offer apparently, at least not yet. He is reported to be looking into it right now.

Hey I think that is great. He said the money wouldn’t be going directly to him, but it would be for the search. Why not let him do it? At least he would be out there doing something which is more than some people involved in this case are doing.

The more that unfolds in this case the more mysterious it gets. It gets more and more confusing that we don’t know who the bad guys are any more. I say throw all the Anthony’s in jail and don’t let them out until the truth comes out. If they want to stick together with their story then fine, let them all stay in jail together only in different cells with other prisoners that hate child killers. Someone would start singing fast. Don’t give Cindy any of her meds that she takes these days so that way she would have to face the truth.

I still think they all know what happened. I am not saying that they knew from the beginning but then again who knows with these people. I honestly can’t see how they could have stayed in that house while Casey was under house arrest without them finding out. Cindy once remarked that she hadn’t asked her daughter about what happened because she didn’t want to upset her, which I think is bull too.

Well I see this case is unraveling slowly but surely and Jose Baez is losing control. I wouldn’t be afraid to think that he is sorry he ever got mixed up with this case or the Anthony’s. He is making way too many mistakes. I guess that is why you need certain qualifications in order to handle a high profile murder case and he just doesn’t have what it takes. I look forward to what comes up in the next few weeks. As you all know we will be following it as close as we can.

Caylee is with her angels now. I know that in my heart. She is in no pain and she must be happy. Jesus is taking good care of her. God Bless You Caylee. I feel your smile when you are looking down at us assuring us you are fine now. We love you!

Jan Barrett

UPDATE for November 18, 2008 – The State’s Attorney’s office are now saying that Jose Baez’s name being added to the witness list for the prosecution was a mistake and it will be removed.

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