I read another news article this morning about the Caylee Anthony case that almost choked me. OK now everyone knows Caylee Marie Anthony has been missing since mid-June and her mother, Casey Anthony is in jail now after being charged with first degree murder amongst other charges as well. She is being held without bond, which made the poor girl cry for the second time since her daughter was finally reported missing, 31 days after she was last seen. Oh and by the way, the first time Casey was seen shedding tears was when she found out she was going to have to stay in jail the first time when they judge refused to lower her set bond of $500,000 plus some.

Now you would think a mother that has no idea where her little two year old daughter is, would be going out of her mind looking for her child in every place you could think of. Well Casey goes looking for her little girl in nightclubs. I guess she thought Caylee would try hiding from her there. Now that I think about it, she told the authorities that she didn’t call the police at first because she was looking for her daughter on her own and that she thought she had been kidnapped by the nanny. My question is why would she be looking in the nightclubs where she hung out in? Caylee is far from legal age to be in those places so what made Casey think she would be there to begin with? Duh! Of course she didn’t think that at all, she was just lying to the police. She wasn’t worried about Caylee at all. Now the story is that Caylee was taken to Puerto Rico or Texas. OK so once again why would she be looking there in Orlando in a night club for her? Geezzz does this woman really think the world is that stupid?

OK now back to the article I read this morning. (Sorry I got side tracked there when I started on Casey) I am going to quote what was written on wesh.com this morning:

Since their daughter, Casey Anthony, was arrested and charged with killing Caylee, George and Cindy have been quiet.

OK now correct me if I am wrong but I always thought that being quiet meant in this case not talking to the public in anyway, shape or form about anything concerning this case. OK now I know on two occasions where Cindy Anthony sat in front of two morning TV shows in New York to talk about this case.

One was just past a week after Casey was arrested when she and George went to New York City and was guests on NBC’s Today Show. They both talked about Casey being innocent more than poor little Caylee was even mentioned. They lied on TV about the photos that were taken of Casey while she was out partying in nightclubs after she claims her daughter disappeared.

Then on Monday morning Cindy Anthony appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America Show in New York from Orlando and spoke about it once again. This is right after she and George went to Gainesville Florida because of a tip that Caylee was possibly seen there. Instead of staying there until the tip was investigated she had to go back to Orlando so she could make that appearance I am sure. This time she tried telling the world that her daughter is a victim here too and that Casey is grieving for her daughter as well. She wants the world to think Casey was a good mother to Caylee, contrary to what she told the world about her daughter when all this began. Oh and by the way the tip turned out to be false. It wasn’t Caylee seen there after all.

I got to say this Cindy Anthony is one class act. I think personally that she is as bad as Casey with her lies. She honestly believes them too. She is all sweet with you unless you disagree with her. That’s when she goes ballistic on you like she did to Leonard Padilla when she confronted him over him wanting to have a memorial service for Caylee in Blanchard Park Tuesday morning. She even threatened to sue him even if he went through with it saying she and George were the only ones with the rights to do that.

This is a third time she had her face on National TV since her daughter has been arrested that I have seen. Who knows how many times she made it there that I haven’t seen. And they call this being quiet? I’d hate to see what they would call making noise then.

As for sympathy for the Anthony’s or Casey! I say they don’t deserve any sympathy. They treat the public as if they are servants. Well the public is not servants that have to bow down to the Anthony’s. They make demands on the public to get off their ass and find their granddaughter. I say make them find her themselves now. (OK I know Cindy said that a long time ago but I just can’t ever forget how she demanded that)

I read this morning too where someone said that if the Anthony’s know Caylee is alive somewhere then why are they making the public wait until Casey goes to trial to reveal where she is. I agree with that. Why! Why would she sit in jail when she didn’t have to if she could prove she is innocent so much so that we all will finally understand why she did what she did? If they can prove it beyond the shadow of a doubt then I think they should all be charged with withholding evidence in a criminal case and wasting a lot of tax payer’s money including the attorney’s that are holding back all this information.

I am having my doubts that little Caylee will ever be found now. In my heart I know she is in heaven surrounded by angels to protect her and I know no one will ever be able to hurt her again. I wouldn’t be surprised if Casey didn’t feed her to the gators in the swamps. Being from the south myself and living on the edge of the swamps with alligators in Louisiana I always said someone could get away with murder if they threw them in these ponds or rivers in the swamps.

In fact one time that I know of a little boy was attacked by an alligator that took his arm off and when the authorities caught the gator they opened him up and got the boys arm and tried to reattach it but were too late but the gator had swallowed the boy’s arm whole. So I know that could have been possible if they had found one in the areas that Casey had been in but I am sure there were too many gators to try that with. But then again I am sure Casey could have taken that into consideration too.

My heart goes out to this little girl. I pray she doesn’t feel like any of this was her fault. She is the only one of the Anthony’s family here that is innocent as far as I am concerned because in my heart I feel ALL of the Anthony’s, Cindy, George, Casey and Lee are guilty here. I think Casey started it and the rest are helping her cover it up.

I just want this to come to an end for everyone involved. Life has to go on for us all but we will never forget the smile on this innocent child’s face. I know I won’t. God Bless you Caylee, we all love you!

Jan Barrett

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