I have never met her, yet I feel like I could hold her close to me and tell her it will all be OK if only I could see her right now. I don’t think I am alone with these feelings. Almost all of America and for sure any mother that has been following this case has fallen in love with this precious child that has been missing since mid- June.

We pray for Caylee Anthony every night and day that she will be found one way or another. We all wish she could return alive and well but most of us hold little hope for that. Detectives have way too much evidence that tells us otherwise.

Caylee’s mom, Casey Anthony was arrested after a Florida Grand jury handed down an indictment for murder in the first degree against her. Now a lot of people are happy and are ready to focus back on finding Caylee.

I find it ironic though that before Casey was put back behind bars, George and Cindy Anthony were not heard from very much. All we could see was how they were catering to Casey’s every need, or so it seemed. Now suddenly with her back in jail, the very next morning Cindy appeared on several networks morning shows pleading with America to help find Caylee and defending her brat daughter saying Casey is not a murderer and what a good mother she was to Caylee and how they blamed the media for all of this that is happening to Casey. Well duh! If the media is to blame then what the hell was she doing on TV? Aren’t they part of the media too?

I can understand a mother wanting to defend her child no matter what. I can’t understand how she can go on National TV and tell the world what a good mother Casey was. Doesn’t she see the news? Doesn’t she read what has been told to police by Casey’s own friends about the life style that Casey led when she was away from home? How does she explain her daughter’s behavior? How does she explain the lies, not only to the police but to her and George?

What do George and Cindy think about Casey lying to them about her job for the past two years? There are so many things I would be asking in this case instead of making a fool out of myself telling the world this woman is innocent. I would think she has hurt Casey more by covering for her lies than anything. Casey says one lie that always leads into another lie yet she has such innocent eyes that would convince a lot of vulnerable people to thinking that maybe this time she is telling the truth. I don’t buy it though, not for one second.

Casey is guilty as they come. If not of murder in the first degree she is guilty of the death of her little girl. All evidence shows that.

Let’s say Casey didn’t call the police because Caylee died in an accident that Casey didn’t mean to happen and she was too scared to tell. Let’s say she got someone to help her get rid of the body because Casey didn’t want to go to jail. She would still be guilty of covering the death of her child.

Casey’s attorney said in the press conference that everyone will be surprised once they hear Casey’s side of the story at the trial. Why the hell are they waiting until she goes to trial to let out this amazing story that is going to shock America and make everyone suddenly understand why poor little Casey did what she did? It irritates the hell out of me that they think this woman has been suffering. The way the public sees her as suffering is only from her fear of going back to jail. Casey has not been being strong. She has been working on a way to be the spoiled little manipulative brat that she has always been getting her way only this time she is doing it to get her name and picture plastered across America.

Let’s hope now that Casey is back in jail that they don’t forget about little Caylee. She is still out there somewhere. Perhaps she in the Florida swamps where alligators surround her little body, or lying somewhere deep in the woods that is filled with water from weather conditions. She deserves to be found. She deserves better than this.

God Bless you Caylee, we love you and will never forget you!

Jan Barrett

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