Let me start with an apology. I know many of you were unable to listen live to the show. We use a service, Blog Talk Radio to do our broadcasts. BTR is a great company and we love working with them. Occasionally technology has problems, and BTR is at the very leading edge of the Internet 2.0. BTR is a young and growing company, and offers a service unparalleled in the industry.

Our problem today was a technical hitch, we lost streaming radio 22 minutes into the broadcast, and live callers at around 40 minutes. We lost host access at 50 minutes. BTR have been notified, and I am sure that this will not happen again.

So, apart from the technical issues it was an interesting show.

The Caylee Anthony case wends its way slowly but surely through the legal system. Mom Casey Anthony remains firmly behind bars, as the only viable suspect. Casey may not have the freedom to go out to night clubs and frolic on the floor with other women, but all in all she seems to have it pretty easy in jail, with over $400 in her account she can get no end of fun things from the jail commissary.

Her lead attorney Jose Baez has been a busy bee, in the past week he has deposed nine people. Looking in from the outside, the seems to be little that is useful to his case. In fact to us layman press dudes at BNN he is digging a big hole. What possible help could Amy Huizenga (gal who Casey kited $400 checks), or the jail guards that saw Casey hyperventilate at the announcement of the discovery of a small decomposed skeleton have?

Everyone says ‘Fishing Expedition’, now that is obviously true, but there are problems with this strategy. Once information is in the deposition it is available to the prosecution. Sometimes it is better to keep information away from the jury.

On the search for Haleigh Cummings there is no news. Everyone involved is ‘lawyered up’, and Law Enforcement are being tight lipped. The rumor mill, which is a credible one, said that a break in the case was expected, but, so far nothing.

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Simon and Jan Barrett

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