Sorry for the delay on this article, I had some deadlines that I had to deal with.

This week the panel consisted of Simon and Jan Barrett, WSKY 97.3 News Director TJ Hard, investigator William Cobra Staubs, and crime writer Denny Griffin.

We started off with a quick update on the Caylee Anthony case, there was little hard news over the past week, but the Anthony clan seem to invent reasons to get themselves in the spotlight. George and Cindy Anthony managed to spend some of the $20,000 that they were paid for their recent 48 Hours appearence by taking a cruise! Odd, you would have thought that they would have used that money to defend their daughter who stands accused of murder.

Tampa area shock jock Bubba The Love Sponge has also made George and Cindy a $25,000 offer to sit down with him for an hour. Jan and I were both on the Bubba show a few months ago. Somehow I don’t think the Anthony’s will be accepting Bubba’s generous offer!

TJ Hart gave us a quick sketch of the Somer Renee Thompson, this sad case is yet another example of the growing problems with crimes against children.

We then moved onto the Haleigh Cummings search. We did have one surprise caller, Jeremiah Regan’s father Pastor John Regan. He is yet another victim in the Haleigh Cummings story. The Cummings saga just seems to lumber on, this week ex-wife Misty Croslin was robbed while apparently traveling with friends who intended to buy drugs. Ronald Croslin was once again on national TV, and once again absolutely nothing new came out of his mouth. The PCSO contacted a few of us in the press and asked that we let all of our readers, listeners, and viewers know that they had set up a special tip line for E-mail leads.

I do want to explain one thing. There were some comments left about cutting callers off. I need to explain a couple of things. BTR is leaning on the more popular hosts such as Blogger News to upgrade to the Premium Package, the ‘incentive’ is by reducing the size of our switchboard significantly, and the number of programs we schedule, and the length they can run. We have been forced to adopt an ask a question and move on to the next caller, it is the only way that we can ensure that lines remain open for callers. Another factor is the quality of the subject matter of the questions. Psychics, false searches, etc, are of zero interest to most of our listeners, this is all old and tired news. To waste 90 minutes on these subjects would be to waste the opportunity to actually get updates on what is happening. For those of you that disagree with this decision, try calling into Nancy Grace and see how far you get!

The entire program can be listened to here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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