Having run this program for almost 18 months I should not be surprised by anything that happens in either of these cases. But, you can still find surprises.

Today’s program featured the Crime Doctor Denny Griffin. I like Denny, and for once he actually called in a few minutes early, this is a big help as it gives me a chance to discuss the the direction I see the program going in. Denny explained that he was not travelling alone today, he had Andrew DiDonato with him! Hmm, my mind went into overdrive. How was an ex Gambino crime family member going to fit into a program about two missing and almost certainly dead little girls? It turned out that Andrew just wanted to say hello. If you do not know the name Andrew DiDonato then check out his new DVD Surviving The Mob.

Also on the panel was ace reporter TJ Hart from Gainsville, Florida, his 50,000 watt station The Sky 97.3 owns the Haleigh Cummings story. You don’t hear BLOCKBUSTER from this buster, you just hear the truth.

Peter Hyatt is an investigator for the state of Maine, he is well versed in the forensic science of ‘statement analysis’. In a nutshell, he reads statements from people involved in crime situations and determines if they are playing naughty or nice.

Jan Barrett was my co-host, and I know this was a program that she was not looking forward to. She hurt herself earlier today and was in a great deal of pain. The last thing in the world she wanted to do was take part in the program. So, a big Happy Mothers Day to my wife (and an even bigger thank you for putting up with me)

Although we bill this program as a look back at the cases, we often look forward as well.

The Caylee Anthony case has garnered a good deal of attention in the past few weeks. I think it is fair to say that not all of it has been good for the defense. A hearing last Thursday made that abundantly clear. Jose Baez does seem to have positioned himself in an ugly corner. Round Two of this match begins at 9am Monday, I will be watching!

On the Haleigh Cummings case there seems to be little progress on some fronts. However, when you have people like Denny Griffin and TJ Hart to offer commentary you start to see a different picture,

Equally important was Peter Hyatt, we missed a great deal in the opening of this investigation, and much of what Peter offers is very pertinent to the case.

You can catch the entire program here. It is worth listening to.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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