My wife Jan and I have been running this call-in talk radio show for months, when we first started we had no idea how many people would call in, in fact I was expecting no-one. These days our expectations have changed, every week we have plenty of callers, we have a great set of regulars on our panel, and it seems as if every week we get a caller (or two) that are involved with the cases.

This week was no different.

We started out with a discussion about recent events in the Caylee Anthony case. The release of the autopsy report actually revealed very little that had not been leaked. However, it does contain some information that creates an interesting scenario or two. Neither of which play into the much talked about likely Casey Anthony defense strategies.

The autopsy report mentions duct tape wrapped around the head of Caylee Anthony. This data has been a subject of great discussion at BNN. Was the duct tape the murder weapon or a side show? One side says that Casey Anthony used Chloroform to drug the little girl and put duct tape over her mouth to ensure that if she woke up while mom was partying, she would still be quiet. We are not so sure that we buy into that idea. A small strip of tape over the mouth, yes, that might work. But to wrap the head in tape makes no sense unless this was a ‘one way’ ticket. One caller actually claimed to have tried the experiment, guess what? Taking the duct tape off also removed a good deal of hair.

Jan and I have discussed this duct tape many times. We have reached a couple of decisions, but neither are good. We were hoping that the autopsy report might shed some light, but it really did not.

Was it damaging to the Casey Anthony defense? Yes it was! One of the rumors floated around (from the defense team) was that the body was moved at some point after the child was killed. Having plant root systems eating through the plastic bags would suggest otherwise.

The discussion about Haleigh Cummings was just as lively. Both Jan and I find it amazing that so many of you are following this case. I would love to be able to say that everything possible is being done to find Haleigh Cummings, but it is not. The press largely has dropped this case, there are three of us still fighting, BNN, TJ Hart, and Art Harris. There is one more person involved, Cobra Staubs. Yes we may be a small force, but it only took two reporters to bring down Nixon, it took only one blogger to bring Clinton to his knees. Small forces have power!

Todays panel consisted of the Barrett’s, Art Harris, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, and William Cobra Staubs.

Today’s unexpected guest was Richard Grund. This poor man has to deal with both cases, his son Jessie is one of the ‘scape goats’ that Baez and his seven legal dwarfs are going to try to pin the murder of Caylee Anthony on. While the chances of success are zero, it does mean that Jessie Grund has to be put through the microscope for no good reason. I like Richard Grund, he is a good man, he is also a man of the cloth. Hardly the Muslim fanatic, more the gentle person that you grew up with that was the local vicar, parson, or whatever name you would like to apply.

I have not tried to contact Jessie as I do not want to taint the prosecution case. Richard Grund also cared enough about the Haleigh Cummings disappearance to ask, as a personal favor,”Cobra will you look into this”?

If you missed the live mayhem, actually I think Art Harris summed it up best “I was just enjoying the Wild West”, you can listen to the whole show here.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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