We will be running our regular show on Blog Talk Radio, we will be on the air at 3pm CST. This weeks panel will be Jan Barrett, crime writer Denny Griffin, frequent contributor Ms. Pickles, and myself, Simon Barrett.

As most of you know, Sean Krause will not be joining us, he lost his valiant battle with cancer this week. He may be gone, but he is far from forgotten, and I am sure that Sean will be a subject discussed. In case you did not know about Sean’s passing, we did a special program to celebrate his young life, a good friend lost, yet a good friend that will be remembered forever.

On tap for Sunday.. Lee Anthony gives a deposition, is it naughty or nice? The elder Anthony’s George and Cindy have dodged the bullet for the time being, claiming that they are too distraught to be deposed on a frivolous lawsuit. Indeed, some might argue that the Zanaida Gonsalves law suit is frivolous. Even tot mom Casey Anthony has explained that it was a different ‘Zany the Nanny’. However one can not ignore the fact that this poor woman has had her life turned upside down by the actions of Casey Anthony.

The usually talkative defense team of Baez and Baden have been surprisingly quiet this week. No media blitz, actually ‘no nothing’! Maybe Jose and his posse are smelling possum?

It is sad, Caylee Anthony is gone, she will never go to McDonalds again, she will never experience the joy of growing up, the disappointment of that boy in high school that does not look at her, the elation when he does.

I am sad for this young life lost, and justice must prevail. I have a book for Casey, in fact the entire family should read it. Certainly it is very different from the current situation, but it might give them pause for thought.

The Haleigh Cummings case is just as bizarre. A young child supposedly kidnapped from the same room as the sleeping babysitter and lover? Of course the definition of kidnapping and abduction are very different. Kidnapping implies some form of monetary gain, or other prize. Abduction has an entirely different meaning. There is no implied gain, merely a way to deprive someone.

Haleigh’s disappearance has created a mosaic of emotions, to some in the press it has become a sounding board to offer abusive comments about lifestyles. I have heard the term ‘Trailer Trash’ used. That is unfair, grossly unfair. Just because the family does not have the ‘American Dream’, that is no reason to be mean. The Anthony’s happily accepted the 5 star hotel and restaurant treatment. The Cummings family are cut from a different cloth. They have lived in a tent from the moment the police declared the home a crime scene.

I hope that you will join us tomorrow, the call in number is (646) 378-1120.

Please join us tomorrow. If you go to www.blogtalkradio.com at a few minutes before 3pm CST, you will find the link on the front page.

Jan and I hope to talk with you tomorrow.

Simon and Jan Barrett


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