Our regular radio call in show will be airing between 3pm-4pm CST on Sunday Feb/22. We are still finalizing our panel, but it likely will be the regulars, my wife Jan, Pickles, Denny Griffin, and Sean Krause.

Once again we will be splitting the coverage between the two cases, Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings, and we will be offering our analysis of the weeks events. There will be much to talk about in our 60 minutes, both cases have taken some strange turns this week. Vast quantities of evidence has been released concerning the Caylee Anthony story. BNN like most news organizations are still ferreting around in it for those specks of gold dust. Clearly the duct tape found on the skeleton is some damming evidence, however it is interesting how the FBI examiners have worded their comments.

Based on examinations, the pieces of duct tape found on the body and on the gas can are comparable to one another in all physical attributes and in the chemical composition of their backing and adhesive components. Therefore, they originated from the same source roll of tape or from rolls of tape manufactured in the same manner.

There is little doubt that this nugget will make its way into the defense case as it leaves the door open to the tape NOT being from the same roll.

Also confusing this week is the bizarre Dominic Casey information. In my mind this whole side show is just that! It matters not if it is an official investigator like the FBI or a sleaze bag like Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman, they do not take Psychic tips seriously. Yet Dominic Casey would have us believe that he was following up on a tip from the ‘Twilight Zone’.

One would think that the release of the technical investigations would have the Casey Anthony defense team on the retreat. Not so, all of the findings are based on ‘junk science’ was their retort!

One wonders if Baez and the seven legal dwarfs will try this line in front of a jury.

The Haleigh Cummings story is becoming equally mired in rumor and innuendo. The police clearly have not fully exonerated the babysitter/lover.

Tune in on Sunday 3pm CST and listen to what our panel thinks. To listen live, and to get call in information go to www.blogtalkradio.com  at 3pm CST, you will see our show on the home page.

I heard this week that we have a group of listeners from WFTV in Orlando, great to have you on board, and I hope that you will be calling into the show on Sunday.

Simon and Jan Barrett

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